Mophie debuts 'Watch Dock' for Apple Watch with aluminum and leather construction

in Apple Watch edited May 2015
Aftermarket accessory maker Mophie on Tuesday announced it, too, will have an Apple Watch dock ready for purchase at the end of April, joining a growing number of manufacturers ready to cash in on early adopters.

Dubbed simply "Watch Dock," Mophie's Apple Watch charging solution boasts an elegant pedestal design built from aluminum. Leather accents cover the plinth and upper arm where Apple Watch sits during charging, offering a protective barrier against scratches.

As with other Apple Watch docks, Mophie's product is designed to accept the magnetic inductive charging cable Apple includes with each Apple Watch purchase. Cable routing is accomplished via an internal channeling system, while the entire dock weighs in at only 3.86 ounces.

Watch Dock's design is arguably sleeker than Griffin's WatchStand, a pedestal that more closely resembles a monolithic pillar. The base of Griffin's dock includes a lip for propping up an iPhone, but its columnar design means Apple Watch must be seated sideways while charging. Mophie's articulated arm design, on the other hand, allows for upright docking.

Mophie's Watch Dock can be preordered now for $59.95 and is expected to ship on April 24, the same day Apple Watch orders arrive.


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