Chess grandmaster hid an iPod touch in the bathroom to cheat during tournaments



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    Originally Posted by sog35 View Post

     If a computer can beat the best human players that is not good business for the game IMO.


    Nobody who follows any competition that pits humans against humans gives any thought to whether a computer could beat them.

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    Originally Posted by Paullym View Post

    Originally Posted by AnalogJack View Post


    Time to admit that chess has been taken over by computers and move on to the crème de la crème of board games; Go, pronounced 'goh'.


    Three rules, pieces are all the same, and nothing moves. Makes chess look like tiddlywinks. And excellent free clients for mac and ios too.



    I was going to mention Go - You certainly wouldn't want to use a Go program to give you moves, you'd get eaten alive by Professional Go players. Computers still have a fair way to go to even get close to humans here...


    btw Analog - I'm in BrisVegas too - Do you play Go with a club?


    I used to play at the Sydney go club before the interwebs was invented. These days I can play online at pandanet, using the gopanda2 client, for mac, and ios. I'd highly recommend it. Their robots aren't too shabby, at about 10kyu

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    Originally Posted by Dick Applebaum View Post


    Lesson learned ... Beware the Chess Poop!

    Now, an App for the Apple Watch that allows you to count cards in the shoe -- Blackjack in Las Vegas (Sport) -- or Chemin de fer in Divonne-les-Baines (Edition).

    The way I see it, soon, the developer will have access to the Watch sensors ... And he could, then, write a Watch app that detects things like strumming fingers, taps, slight arm movements, slight clenching of the hand as input -- then provide taptic feedback when the odds were in your favor ...


    Money will be made with this... Apple Watch really is the ultimate cheating device with its vibration feedback. 


    As for chess, I lost all interest when computers got better than grandmasters. Grandmasters, at this point, should compete by designing better computer programs - my program vs. yours! 


    That said, people still enjoy the sport so let them. They'll have to come up with pretty sophisticated anti-cheating measures. But sports don't necessarily have to die just because computers are better. Spelling bees, anyone?

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