Misfit debuts Apple Watch coaching app, djay 2 gets Watch mixing controls

in Apple Watch edited April 2015
Activity tracker maker Misfit on Thursday announced a new workout app for the Apple Watch, Misfit Minute, while Algoriddim revealed a Watch app of its own -- enabling basic mixing functions for djay 2 -- and updated djay Pro for the Mac with live video support.

Misfit Minute

As a companion to the Misfit iOS app, Minute asks users to pick a one, four, or seven-minute time interval. Based on the selection, it will recommend a combination of bodyweight exercises and high-intensity circuit training, intended to simultaneously improve strength and burn calories.

Users can track progress and past workouts through the app. As an exercise is ongoing, it will display images and a timer for the current set, as well as motivational slogans.

Misfit is promising that Minute workouts will soon be automatically tracked and tagged as activities in the iOS app, allowing them to contribute toward daily activity goals.

Minute should be available in time for tomorrow's launch of the Watch. The iOS app is free and requires an iPhone with iOS 7.0 or later.

djay 2 & djay Pro

Released through an update to djay 2 for iPhone, the djay Watch app is designed to handle a basic set, pulling tracks from an iPhone's local music collection. It can queue songs and control playback, even offering simplified versions of functions like looping, effects, and beat matching.

A Force Touch command sets up an Automix of iTunes or Spotify songs with beat-matched transitions.

djay Pro 1.1 for the Mac has been updated with live video mixing, building in features previously limited to another app, vjay. Video feeds can incorporate effects, visualizers, and transitions, including title and graphic overlays.

Also new is support for Pioneer CDJ and XDJ systems. The app costs $50, and requires a Mac with OS X 10.9.

In a promotional deal, the iPhone and iPad versions of djay 2 are each free for the next week. Users must be running iOS 7.0 or later.
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