Apple Watch runs 'most' of iOS 8.2, may use A5-equivalent processor



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    NanoWatchKit? I wonder if the something-nano was what they called it during development.

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    Originally Posted by TheWhiteFalcon View Post

    Ugh, the A5 has lived way too long.

    What?  You worried your watch might not be able to play Infinity Blade?

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    sflocal wrote: »

    What?  You worried your watch might not be able to play Infinity Blade?

    LOL. It probably could play Infinity Blade, if games were supported.
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    Originally Posted by Dick Applebaum View Post

    It is possible that Apple would over-spec and under clock the CPU to allow the S1 package to last for more than 1 generation of watch.

    I think we'll learn a lot when we get some teardown info.


    Yes, I think this in fact NOT an A5, but something more like a one core way underclocked A7 (or maybe even A8!). For efficiency, its better to put a very fast chip in there that will sit idle most of the time, than use something slower. I don't think they'd build anything new that's not 64 bit (especially if this thing has IOS on it). At it been confirmed by Apple that they'Re using 28mm?


    The fact that they'Re running IOS 8, tells me it is likely a variant of A7 or A8.

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    The A5 is a technological dinosaur that needs to be killed off ASAP (same with the A6). A7 and newer are being held back by those deadweights. iOS will benefit greatly from being able to dump almost all the 32-bit portions, and we'll get apps that are 64-bit only.

    Not too long ago the A5 powered the iPhone. Now it powers an iPhone accessory.
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    mazda 3s wrote: »
    But the Apple Watch isn't doing any heavy processing -- it's just an intermediary with the phone doing all the heavy lifting. Doesn't make sense to use a modern 64-bit processor for a glorified "second" screen for your iPhone.

    In a way they have beaten Googles Project Ara to the market,

    History may well say that this watch is the first of Apple's IOT products.
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