Facebook debuts fast-loading 'Instant Articles' exclusively on iPhone app

in iPhone edited May 2015
Facebook on Wednesday launched "Instant Articles," a mobile-oriented platform through which publishers can have their stories hosted on Facebook servers and theoretically load as much as 10 times faster than a standard Web link.

Each article can also have enhanced elements such as interactive maps, audio captions, auto-playing videos, and motion-controlled photo browsing. In some cases, readers will be able to like or comment on individual sections of a story.

To attract publishers, Facebook is allowing them to sell ads in the articles and keep all revenue, as usual, or turn to Facebook's Audience Network if they have any unsold space. Publishers are also being given the ability to track metrics using services such as comScore, or in some cases their own internal tools.

The initial stable of publishers includes the New York Times, National Geographic, BuzzFeed, NBC, The Atlantic, The Guardian, BBC News, Der Spiegel, and Bild.

Instant Articles are currently accessible only to users of the Facebook iPhone app. The company didn't say when they might come to other mobile platforms, such as Android or Windows 10.


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    rogifanrogifan Posts: 10,669member
    iOS first again. Honestly I think Google is scared shitless of Facebook way more than of Apple or anyone else. Facebook is gobbling up all the new mobile ad revenue. Plus I think ad dollars are moving away from search and into branding which I think benefits Facebook more. I'm not a huge Facebook user/fan but I do love seeing he they're disrupting Google's dominance. :)

    I see in this Verge interview Mike Matas is wearing an Apple Watch. Looks good on him and not geeky at all.

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    Dudes, yet another "feature" I will miss out on since I refuse to use their battery-hogging app!  In related news, the NY Times makes its articles free in its very own app...  very stoked.

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    mnbob1mnbob1 Posts: 269member

    Originally Posted by DogCowabunga View Post


    Dudes, yet another "feature" I will miss out on since I refuse to use their battery-hogging app!  In related news, the NY Times makes its articles free in its very own app...  very stoked.

    You should probably upgrade to iOS 8. The Facebook app has been designed to use significantly less battery even before that. You can turn off Background App Refresh on the app and set Location Services to be on only when you are using the app. Turning off Notifications also helps.


    Be careful when you install and setup the new NY Times app. It will prompt you for Location Services and Background App Refresh. Check to make sure that Location is set to only when using the app and turn off the background refresh or it will be a battery hog too.


    I'm not a big Facebook user but I can use it now to communicate with relatives and friends. Oh, and there's the cat videos! S/

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    I use the FB app on my iPod, which is running ios8.  Thanks for the pointer about BG App refresh on the NY Times app, it was running that!  But I think I will delete teh app.  I prefer reading the physical paper, it's a lot quicker, and I can read more in less time. Woof!

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    cwingravcwingrav Posts: 83member

    This is exactly what i've been waiting for... said no one.

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