Spotify facing pressure from Sony, Universal to drop free on-demand music - report



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    You got that right!  :p

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    Originally Posted by kent909 View Post

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    Lower-priced pricing tiers would be helpful. Rdio seems to have caught on. And more lower-priced family tiers. Different product offerings.


    Why? Because most people are not going to pay for most of their music.


    Rdio seems pretty good and reasonable.


    These big corporations need to clue in that say, a family of 5 is not going to be paying for $9.99 each per month for music service. And most people don't want premium, they want something like terrestrial radio.


    So, obviously, the services would benefit to create different packages and different prices and see what people are most likely to pay for.

    Please elaborate on what you mean by packages.  

    Like family sharing. $XX.XX a month to share music.

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