Adobe discontinues Photoshop Touch, offers video glimpse of future replacement tech [u]



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    The market is heading the right way. The past 2 years I've optimized my workflow, so that I can be as mobile as possible. As an artist, I love doing my work on the go. All my work is created on just my iPhone 5S. I'm working on A3/A2 sized formats, 3508 x 4961/4961 x 7016 pixels in 300dpi saving 50 - 150+ MB files. Normally there's the 4096 x 4096 texture size limit. But I've researched a lot and got plenty of apps like Filterstorm that lets me exceed the limits and open, edit and save in high resolution. I'm working with 5081 x 7091 photos in JPEG, TIFF, PNG and SVG formats on my iPhone with ease. Can't wait for the new iPhone, hopefully with 2GB ram and a higher MP camera so more app developers can exceed the max texture size of 4096, which is set by the camera MP.
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