CBS 'excited' about Apple's rumored web television service, CEO says



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    pmcdpmcd Posts: 393member
    What everyone is forgetting is that streaming will offer a lot better PQ than what cable provides by the time they have over compressed all the channels in order to give you the 300 unwanted ones in the first place.

    Netflix PQ is better than Rogers here in Canada. I'm sure Apple's offerings will also be better.

    The improvement in picture quality is marginal at best. Moreover most people can't see the difference. What matters more in my opinion is doing something about the ad situation.
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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 20,297member
    sog35 wrote: »
    Again you are forgetting the cost of renting HD-DVR boxes.  Those go for $15-$25 a month.  If you have 3-4 TV's you will be literally cutting your TV bill in half.
    I don't pay anything for my two HD-DVR boxes from FIOS. Perhaps new subscribers do, dunno.
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