Apple reportedly wooing Drake, Pharrell, David Guetta for iTunes Radio guest DJ spot



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    Originally Posted by digitalclips View Post

    I have never heard of either of these people! Ok back in the cave I go ...


    No need to. They are the crème de la crème, sorry, the crappiest of all crappy "music" (if one may term it as such), thanks to the wonderful Beats acquisition by Cook et al. What is next? Notorious B.I.G.? Lady Gaga and friends? Or is it Carly Rae Jepsen (or whatever the feck she is called)? So it is that plus "Ping Plus"...excellent.


    "Dre" couldn't be happier. Where is SJ when we need him?


    The beginning of the following clip says it all:


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    Originally Posted by cali View Post

    Those could be huge!

    David Guetta would make an amazing DJ!

    I think Apple should merge iTunes Radio and Beats into the music app.

    I like David Guetta, but I would prefer someone else like Hardwell. Hardwell's weekly On Air show is really good. 

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    Originally Posted by Rogifan View Post

    i wonder how much this will matter to people. Is someone going to leave Spotify, Rdio, or Google Play Music because Apple Music has celebrities curating playlists? I doubt it.

    I seem to be in the habit of only replying to you when I disagree, but FWIW I agree with you most of the time and very much enjoy your inputs. That said.. I don't think the target audience for this service is anyone in this forum. I'd say that 75% of the active music consumption is done by people under 20 years old (trolls: I have no interest in arguing over this estimate, take it or leave it). Teenagers are hypersocial and hyperfocused on molding their identity, and are therefore much more likely than you or I to care about the tastes (musical or otherwise) of other people. I think Apple knows this, particularly now that Iovine is on board, and appears to be taking the right approach.


    Now, for my own rant/bias: I very much hope that Apple improves their EDM music curation (the iTunes Radio EDM stations are already vastly improved from their inception). EDM is a huge market, although it's not reflected significantly in album sales, as most of the EDM industry revenue comes from festivals/concerts. David Guetta is definitely a start, but they could do a lot better as far as EDM is concerned.. Kaskade, Above & Beyond, Porter Robinson, Avicii, Knife Party, Zedd, Mat Zo, Dillon Francis...



    And... here are the trolls, right on cue:


    Originally Posted by MathieuLLF View Post


    How can you possibly say with certainty that Spotify users will switch? You absolutely cannot guarantee that especially considering that Apple hasn't announced the product yet. I know for me personally I couldn't care less about personalities and DJ's. I listen to the music I want and I absolutely couldn't care less about hearing someone talk or recommend me music. If I wanted that, I'd listen to the radio. 




    Originally Posted by SirLance99 View Post

    I think you're wrong that people will switch. The people that have Spotify or Google Play Music have deep personalized play list and like the service they have. I know I'll never switch as I throughly enjoy Google Play Music. $8 a month with Songza curated play list by real people and the ability to listen to anything I want whenever and more importantly to me on whatever device I want.

    I might try it I'd there is a free trial but have no plans on giving any money towards it. I don't care about guest djs either. Unless this new service has many things others don't# which I doubt it, I'm fine right where I am.

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