Apple's subscription TV service might not debut at WWDC



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    It would appear that as long as we buy the product that they want to sell us we won't get the product we want. I was planning on cutting the cord with the release of the new service. I am done waiting. If they won't sell me what I want then I am going to go ahead and cut the cord anyway. I spent the last week not watching anything on cable and did just fine. I am sure we can live longer without watching cable then they can live without revenue. It is summer rerun time, soon the NBA and NHL finals will be over. Not much of value to watch. Looks like a good time to make the move.


    I cut the cord a few years ago.  I thought it was going to be hard, not having all those channels. I was paying for 18 years.  But you really only watch a small percentage of them anyway.  I now get all the broadcast channels with a large antenna and record using my new TiVo, making a switch from Media Center.  TiVo also has built in support for Netflix, Amazon, VUDU, Youtube, Yahoo Screens (Great way to catch up on the new season of Community!!!) PLEX Support coming on the 8th.  Plus  other things.   


    There's sports on the broadcast channels.  But you do miss out on Monday Night Football on ESPN for example, or baseball games on TBS.  If you're a huge sports person it can be harder.  You can subscribe to MLB to stream these days and I think all that Blackout crap is now done for.   I don't watch NBA or NHL, so how much of a issue that is for you?!?!  There is SlingTV for $20 a month and that includes ESPN.   It's what works for you?  I'm just not a big sports person.   Sometimes yo can go to a friends house to watch a game or maybe a Sports Bar.  


    People pay for cabletv for so long and trying to get away from it can be really hard for many people to  drop it.  It's also easier if most of your content is in one easy to access way with their box I guess.

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    rogifan wrote: »
    Yep and Walt Mossberg's stuff will be mostly featured on the Verge now. Sigh.

    Nilay Patel whined on Twitter that Stephen Fry's piece on Jony Ive was all fluff yet just a few days later the Verge ran a huge puff piece Google and all their I/O coverage was basically a Google love fest. :rolleyes:

    I really hope that idiot blowhard Nilay Patel is fired or demoted and Mossberg or Swisher is given Patel's job.
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