Inside Apple UK: Lavish London stores welcome Apple Watch buyers, but so far only to look



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    ^ come down here and say that! >:(
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    nightsky wrote: »
    I think I'm right in saying that the UK is Apple's biggest market outside the US and China, so they must be doing something right.

    I do see a lot of negative comments on here. I think most are born out of frustration. Can't get the latest new Apple product, or they seem to be adding new content for US customers on AppleTV, etc, etc.

    To be honest I do share some of their frustrations. Like many people I'm still waiting to get the new MB and Watch and I don't own an AppleTV simply because the available channels here is very poor compared what you get with alternative products. I just purchased an Amazon FireTV Stick because it has those missing channels and I get Lovefilm (similiar to Netflix) for free with my Amazon Prime Membership so it's a no brainer.

    I also think there's an issue with some of the US posters crowing about how much money they've made from Apple stock. That can be annoying when you're paying a high price for Apple kit. Sometimes this forum feels more like an Apple Shareholders forum than an Apple Customers forum.

    Having said all that above I hope I can add a little balance to views from this side of the pond.

    PS I don't live in London and I've never been to the Regent St or Covent Garden Apple Stores. To be honest I don't even like London all that much. It's too noisy/dirty/busy/expensive for me.

    I agree about the London being dirty comment. I also found it to be surprisingly small.
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