Apple, record labels under scrutiny for collusion in New York and Connecticut



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    badmonk wrote: »
    Barry Bonds, Lance Armstrong, APPL.

    No Wall Street Firms, Bank executives, politicians, etc.

    Amazon never gets targeted for predatory pricing...
    Amazon doesn't get off the hook. they've been investigated before and still are.

    In addition to a still active EU-wide case there's now another, this one looking into possible anticompetitive actions from Amazon on e-Books. . Yup, another tech with e-Book problems.

    This whole "Apple isn't paying off the right people" or "Amazon paid the DoJ to go after Apple" is downright silly.
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    Are those two DA's seeking re-election by any chance?
    Who is contributing to their Campaigns?

    Please note that I'm not from the US and I won't be subscribing to Apple Music or any other Streaming service so I have nothing personal to gain either way. It just seems to me that the Law in the USA is a political pawn when it should be about justice.
    I don't know that the law has been about Justice since Hamilton and the Federalists suckered the antiFederalists into going along with one of the largest power grabs in history; but it certainly hasn't been about justice in Connecticut and New York for a long time now. One of the U.S. Senators from CT made his career on scaremongering and trying to run law abiding companies into bankruptcy for the misuse of their products by criminals who acquired said products unlawfully.
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    Originally Posted by RobM View Post

    Yea - but this is even sicker.

    The service hasn't even started and these leeches will file the moment say, Spotify drops market share.

    Oh you - you're just a customer !

    Never mind you chose to go to Apples service.

    We know better and we think Spotify should stay in business - ya know healthy market n all that.

    Bad Apple


    Spotify is sh*t, as soon as the six month premium subscription I was given ran out it stopped working unless I was on a wifi network with my PC, so I deleted it.


    The premium worked well but not $A15 a month well, so I stick with $A3 a month match and ad free iTunes radio.


    More music than I can ever listen to.

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