Documents show NSA, GCHQ launched attacks against anti-virus software makers



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    Regardless... Putin is at the very least the face of the new Capital-Stalin-ish Russia. 

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    tcasey wrote: »
    and these are the people looking after our interests....they act like the enemy of the people...totally lawless.

    Well, they aren't looking after our interests, clearly. Just their own political agendas. And corporate agendas, because... plutocratic oligarchy.

    Above the law they dictate, yes. If any civilian did things like this, it would be considered terrorism and the "patriot" act would be used to put them away as enemies of the state.
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    s.metcalf wrote: »
    This is yours and my tax dollar being spent while they cut health, education and homelessness increases.

    Yup. Why take care of the people at home in regard to actual social issues, when you can ignore social issues and use FUD as a reason to maintain a corporate-influenced program of espionage and warfare for "security" and "securing access to resources"...?
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    Originally Posted by coolfactor View Post


    So you link to an article from an anti-virus company, Kaspersky, to support your beliefs? Are you actually running anti-virus software on your Mac? Do you realize that every piece of software that you install becomes yet another attack vector? OS X doesn't need anti-virus software beyond what Apple is doing, when the computer is used with presence of mind, and common sense. Know your computer, don't blindly trust a third-party company to be looking out for your best interests.

    Given their track record in uncovering state-sponsored malware (e.g. and the fact that they were singled out for causing problems for GCHQ hackers, Kaspersky probably has more credibility than most when it comes to computer security. That said, the inherent security in desktop OS's has been pretty comparable since Vista, and no antivirus will be of much help against state-funded adversaries.

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