iOS 9 can automatically delete, reinstall apps to make room for OS updates



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    Originally Posted by barnsey_00 View Post

    Sounds good in theory but who covers the data download cost when the apps need to be reinstalled?

    two words:






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    Originally Posted by LighteningKid View Post


    I know it doesn't normally, but has anyone verified if this new feature has been tweaked to work that way?

    Well, the conservative engineering route would be for the phone to be disabled and everything come in and get installed via the computer as that's the far less potentially glitchy route than attempting an upgrade on a system that's actually running. But as this is just annpuced, yes, it's a potential option. IMHO an improbable one but still not officially denied.


    Can you offer any reason why Apple would see that as a benefit to include?

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    Indeed. It had also better be an active & accessible account for the Appstore & for iCloud.

    There are instances where this may not be the case, though probably not seriously common.


    One presumes that the re-installtions are not via the Appstore.

    (Apple OS updates tend to occur even if the ID is hosed, but the Apple applications such as iMovie, etc & 3rd party apps do not).

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    dasanman69 wrote: »
    If Apple is dumb enough to make it there will be people dumb enough to buy it.

    why would they be dumb if they're selling them to developing markets and making profit from it? that's what Apple is designed to do.
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