Taylor Swift 'happily' bringing blockbuster '1989' album to Apple Music



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    jungmark wrote: »
    dasanman69 wrote: »
    Let's look at it this way, does Apple need a streaming service or does she need Apple's streaming service? Who loses more by not having that need?

    They don't need each other. Tay Tay is doing fine without streaming. Apple Music will do fine without Swift.

    It's not about needing each other but about needing the streaming service.
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    Originally Posted by AaronJ View Post

    I didn't say that she had been doing fine without digital sales.  

    You said she has been doing fine without Apple.

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    chris_ca wrote: »
    You said she has been doing fine without Apple.

    He's saying that even without iTunes music sales Taylor would still be one of the richest musicians right now. Remember, you have to also adjust every artist who wouldn't be able to use iTunes for selling albums and songs, and he did state that if Apple wasn't there some other company would have filled that void of online, digital music sales. IOW, she was not "discovered" by Apple's iTunes and therefore she is not beholden to them for having gained any success.
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    Sheesh... Apple naming a programming language after her wasn't enough? ;-)

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