AppleInsider podcast discusses the iPhone home button, Beats 1, CarPlay, HomeKit & more

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This week's all-new AppleInsider podcast features Mikey Campbell and Daniel Eran Dilger as we talk about the concept of an iPhone with no home button, as well as HomeKit and our experiences with it so far. Victor professes his love for CarPlay, and Daniel talks about Beats 1, and how it stayed in the news cycle for an entire week before it launches.

AppleInsider staff members Daniel Eran Dilger, Mikey Campbell, and Victor Marks discuss the top stories:

  • Rumor: The iPhone with no home button

  • Our first experiences with HomeKit devices from Insteon and Lutron

  • CarPlay coming to GM cars in 2016, and Kenwood's new CarPlay aftermarket solutions

  • Beats 1 radio station debuts next week

  • Apple Music royalty rates, Taylor Swift, and Eddy Cue

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You can also listen to it embedded via SoundCloud below:

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    I like the trio we got now: Mikey, with his buttery deep voice, DED with his sharp observations about tech media's treatment of Apple, and LVM's rage quit over difficult/annoying tech. Seriously, keep up the good work.
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    red oakred oak Posts: 665member
    You guys sound stoned on these podcasts. Slow. Halting. Talk. Wake up, show some energy
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    @Suddenly Newton, I agree. I love listening to the podcast. The only thing is that Mikey sounded really very embarrassed when trying to sell us shaving razors the last time around! That whole thing was very awkward till they got back to the topics on hand.


    I miss Stephen too. I wonder why he isn't on anymore.

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