Rising number of T-Mobile iPhones hit with 'blue screen of death' reboots



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    I have T-mobile and haven't had this issue.  What I do have a issue with is WiFi Calling!!!!  I'm right now 2 feet from a router on Wifi, and yet Wifi is now showing up on the top of my phone for Wifi calling!!!!  In fact I haven't seen it in a while now.  It just stops working.  I've had to call T-mobile in the past for this issue to get it fixed.  Maybe that's a good thing right now with the blue screen issue?!?!?!  It's been great at work getting a nice clean call inside this brick building.   It's poor with everyone else also.    Maybe I should be in a rush to get it working , yet on the other hand I really need it working.  

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    Originally Posted by chadbag View Post

    The question is why it is blue. I'd think that the Apple engineers would realize the bad ju-ju that a blue screen gives image

    I had a Mac that was crashing on boot to a perfect BSOD. It was running SL. Was an iMac which had been running 24/7 for 8+ years. I decided to format and reinstall so I could give it away clean. Installation was normal but when it booted up to the welcome animation, it would get about 10 seconds in and crash to a BSOD, the exact shade of blue that Windows had. Never did get it to work after several reinstalls. Finally tossed it.

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    woochiferwoochifer Posts: 384member

    On T-Mobile as well, and I have not seen any BSOD or random restart issues. In fact, since updating my 5s to iOS 8 last September, I've had only one respring occurrence.


    The carrier update will always ask if you want to install the update. The current carrier version for T-Mobile is 19.1, and that has not changed since at least iOS 8.2 (if not 8.1.x).


    I do occasionally see the wi-fi calling disappear, but that's not very often. I can usually re-enable it by toggling the Airplane Mode.

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    Originally Posted by Caccamucca View Post


    I was hit with the same bug. First, I performed few hard resets, this did not help. I then reset my network setting thinking that might fix the issue, nope. I then deleted one of the games I had and re-downloaded from the cloud and problem solved.

    Have not experienced any more BSOD.

    “One" of the games?

    Thanks for the fix!



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    It's happening on AT&T too. I already had my iPhone 6 plus replaced once but the replacement reboots itself as well. It must be an issue with the GSM version of the phone.
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    I've had it happen with my iPhone 6 Plus twice now, once with it just sitting on my desk with me doing nothing with it at the time.  I hope a carrier settings update comes soon to correct this issue.  Seems T-Mobile overlooked something with their last carrier settings update and now we're dealing with this.  

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    I am an AT&T customer and I got the blue screen on 6/25 and 6/27 a couple of times while in Columbia, SC. When I am in rural SC I don't have a problem.
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    Blue screen will not be an issue anymore now. There are few ways by which you can solve this problem.
    For more info, you can go to http://www.theverdict.in/news/blue-screen-of-death-for-t-mobile-iphone-users/
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    dunksdunks Posts: 1,254member
    It's definitely not carrier specific. I have experienced this issue on an unlocked 6 purchased directly from Apple. I suddenly started getting a blue screen before crashing and also an all red screen before half the pixels faded out slowly before crashing. Eventually my phone bricked and stopped responding when I plugged in my charger. Apple replaced it.
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    Originally Posted by chadbag View Post

    The question is why it is blue. I'd think that the Apple engineers would realize the bad ju-ju that a blue screen gives image


    It's literally just the blue pixel subunits on with no text. I've also seen all red subpixel units on before a crash.

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