Apple Music users complain iCloud Music Library deletes, renames iTunes content



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    I think that Apple's ecosystem is getting to be more and more complex to tie together. Across multiple devices -- Macs, iPads, iPods, iPhones, Watch, AppleTV -- and multiple software platforms and programs -- OS X, iOS, iTunes, iCloud, iTunes U, iBooks, iPhoto, AppleMusic, WatchOS, iMovie, Xcode, Swift, Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Final Cut, Safari, QuickTime, Maps (I am missing more than a few) -- it has all become a bit too sprawling.

    Complexity is the key enemy of large organizations. Given that it's ecosystem has been one of Apple's biggest sources of competitive advantage, someone at the company needs to take a meta-look at what's going on, and may need to start to simply things.

    I remember a time when Jobs used to boast about how Apple was one of the largest and most successful companies in the world but had become so with just a handful of products and services. (I don't recall the exact quote, but perhaps someone can fill in?). Increasingly, this is not true. It is far from being a huge problem yet for Apple's growth or market value, but it can there sooner than we realize.
    Very true. We see what happens to corps that get too big. Like Microsoft. Too complex and divided loyalties and interdependencies.

    Apple is spreading too thin with quantity over quality.
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    The same problem I had when I enabled the iCloud Music Library for offline listening - my purchased and ripped songs suddenly were missing. This is what I just found out to restore them:

    1. In the My Music click on Albums.
    2. At the bottom of the table view screen, there is an option that says "Show Music Available Offline" which is turned on. By toggling it to "off" my playlists and songs just came back.

    After this, don't enable the iCloud Music Library again until Apple has a solid fix.
    Glad to hear this is all simple and intuitive.
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    yojimbo007 wrote: »
    After i updated to ios 8.4 and itunes 12.2.. And synced my ipad and iphone... all my playlists got messed up.. most got deleted and iPad and iPhone showed different playlist... Total mess.... re-syncing just jumbled things around and still left the mess .

    After many trials and errors the followng workd for me:

    1- Back up all devices in iTunes to the computer .. Not icloud ( for safety reasons)

    2- Turn on "iCloud music liberary" in itunes 12.2 preferences/general .. ( default is off.. but on on ios.. This may be one sourse if the problem )
    Wait for iCloud library sync to complete.

    3- Sync your devices, if things get messed .. Its ok .

    4- Go to your device Settings on iphone or ipad... , settings/music and turn off iCloud music library .
    Dont panic.. Playlists and some some or all songs will disappear. ( on iPad all songs disappeared , on iPhone only playlists)

    5- Turn "iCloud music library" back on . Wait for library to load .

    At this point all playlists and songs should reappear and nothing should be missing

    6 - Try resyncing to make sure all is smooth and clear.

    also.. If u have problem with streaming songs added to playlists not showing try the following:

    For streaming songs to show up in playlists once they are added ... Go to playlist tab on your device. Click on the "my/all/apple playlist PINK link" to show the drop down menu
    From the menu turn off "music available offline( only show music on device)" option.. Turn it off.. No green .

    All of the above worked on my ipad and iphone.. Both of which got screwed up after ios 8.4 , itunes 12.2 followed by sync through itunes.
    Again, glad this is all simple for the everyday Joe
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    multimedia wrote: »
    lkrupp wrote: »
    Why is it always ‘some users’ and not ‘all’ users? It’s either a bug or it’s not. iTunes is iTunes and Yosemite is Yosemite and your iTunes Library is your iTunes Library. What about those people experiencing trouble could be different from those not having issues? Hardware configuration should have nothing to do with it. Corruption is the only thing I can think of.
    No it's not corruption. It's because the authors of iTunes don't use iTunes so they fail to understand how iTunes is used by customers so they build in what they perceive to be “Features“ that are in fact “Bugs”. I'm one of those who lost thousands of playlists and songs by turning ON iCloud Music Library on my iOS 8.4 iPad Air 2 Tuesday morning just after agreeing to the Apple Music service 3-month free trial and then ONLY AFTER DOWNLOADING, INSTALLING and LAUNCHING iTunes 12.2 Tuesday NIGHT did everything disappear from my 4TB iTunes Library - no Playlists (were thousands) and no music. The fix was a 6 hour Time Machine Recovery from my 2TB Time Capsule. Now back with iCloud Music Library turned OFF on my iPad Air 2 HD iPhone 6 Plus and happy with the pre-Apple Music aware iTunes 12.1.2. So it's not about Corruption it's about those of us who use iTunes to manage many thousands of playlists and songs manually vs those others who don't.:no:
    Apple has jumped the shark.
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    Originally Posted by John.B View Post



    Typically because the test team only tests the happy path, leaving edge case bugs to be discovered by the users.


    You must not have worked on a multi million line, highly distributed project, with hundreds of moving parts and a huge amount of end-point variance because otherwise you wouldn't saying something like this. Its high probably they fixed the bugs for more than 99% of people and yet it shows up in some edge conditions, that can't be easily be determined. If it was a frequent bug, you'd get a massive deluge of feedback; that's not what's happening.

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    Originally Posted by thrang View Post


     but if I never want to see Rhianna again, why can't I say Ignore this Artist?)



    What? Not even under your umbrella? (ella, ella, eh, eh)

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    Originally Posted by rezwits View Post

    I don't know, my library cultivated for 15 years and carried over and over, is 100% clean still. Content from all over...

    Heresy. It’s simply not possible that your library is okay like mine is. Everybody knows that iTunes 12.2 and Apple Music are EPIC FAILS for everybody. No one is happy with them. Be very careful of what you say here. You may be labeled as stupid and ignorant. <#sarcasm>

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    richlrichl Posts: 2,213member

    I remember when iTunes Match replaced some of my albums with clean versions. Good times.

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    foggyhill wrote: »
    NEXT had to deal with god damn a few users max on one machine (Got that competency at that time, early 1990s, was not big fracking deal BTW) and Apple instantly became a music streaming provider bigger than anyone.  How on earth does that even compare?

    You're really reaching there.

    There massive amount of potential issues when you run this kind of operation world wide with that many users. If they got a few marginal bugs (say they affect 0.01% of users), it will still affect quite a few people because of the size of the operation.

    Who on earth flips the switch on a service of this scale and complexity!
    Who on earth are you comparing them too?

    Online is a big echo chamber for a select few. Many millions who have no issues don't complain at all.

    I'm really tired about the constant overblown whining.

    Me too!
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    One wonders how such a feature gets tested by Apple. My music library is completely ruined, too, after I turned on iCloud Music Library. And when I send feedback on it to Apple, and I need to specify which iOS I am using, the drop down menu has 8.3 as the latest. WTF?
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    solipsismy wrote: »
    I'm not saying that it's how you meant it, but I think your comment could be taken to mean that if Steve Jobs were still running Apple this stuff wouldn't have happened, at least not to this extent. I don't think that's a reasonable comment, even if we were to frame it as Apple having both Jobs and Cook in the company at once. As [@]chadbag[/@] states, there were some major issues under Jobs.

    I really, REALLY want to agree with you. However... regardless that many projects didn't live up to SJ's standards and he more than a few times made some pretty bad dictatorial decisions... he was FOCUSED and a perfectionist even in failure to a fault.

    Most of all, SJ with all of his knowledge of tech, always approached UX and design as a kid or a person coming from a different planet and holding/using a device for the first time. THAT is what made Apple products special, and also which caused them to be derided in the tech community as "toys"... remember that?
    For health it could be called Heartbeats by Dre. <<<<< NO! Hearts by Jony ;)

    For a self-driving car iit could be called MobileMe. <<<< why the hell not?!

    For a self-driving trucking SW it could be called PA Semi-Trailer. <<<< Face-palm!

    For a sexual toy division it could be called FingerWorks. <<<< Naughty naughty!

    For the enterprise it could be called iWork Hard for the Money? <<<< see what Siri turns up :)

    Takin' a break and hittin' the stand-up comedy circuit soon? That's not bad... I'd buy a ticket for more.. :D
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    I remember a time when Jobs used to boast about how Apple was one of the largest and most successful companies in the world but had become so with just a handful of products and services. (I don't recall the exact quote, but perhaps someone can fill in?)

    He was proud of the fact that all their products fit on a single table.

    solipsismy wrote: »
    I agree that it certainly doesn't look good. How does this even happen at this point, and with people not upgraded past iOS 8.3? I wonder if the reported outages today are part of the issue with a perceived loss, or perhaps Apple trying to correct and restore from a backend issue.

    I have no issues, did upgrade the desktop to 12.2, have not upgraded to 8.4, and do not have iTunes Match (lib too large). But this is just me, and no matter the amount of posters saying it did or did not screw things up won't ever be a measurement in any meaningful way, other than feeling sorry for the screwed up users. Well, their libs that is.

    The thing I dislike most about Apple is how they continually act like a small company when there is such an excess of people using their systems as soon as they go live. A tiered rollout has a lot of benefits and we see that from companies, but it never seems like I see it from Apple.

    Though I agree, I also think they actually do a sort of tiered rollout:
    they release new versions but don't shout it from the (square & rectangular for now) rooftops,
    the following day it pops up on your App Store on OSX
    and another day later it pops up on iOS, the grey /Settings icon gets a red badge.
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    So far most of the major boogerage seems to be cosmetic and navigation/workflow related. Poor Bob Dylan had his album artwork seriously randomized on all of my machines. But at least the content remains intact. I like that in My Music tab on OS X I now see "Similar Artists" but if you click on any of the links it throws you out to a different tab and the back arrow doesn't navigate back to the previous tab. 


    I think it's good for Apple to hear the complaints, or whining, or whatever you want to call them. There's a huge difference between products that just work and products that work extremely well. All these little faux pas add up and detract from the user experience, which Apple has always prided itself on putting equal to or above all other product qualities. 


    I can handle the cosmetic issues and trust that Apple will hunt down and destroy all these annoyances and nits. While they're at it I hope they take another look at adding transactional integrity to all data exchange operations like file syncing, whether to/from devices or to/from cloud. Too often I see workflows in iTunes move on to new tasks when previous ones are still incomplete or in-flight. The most egregious case is during device sync when iTunes indicates the sync is complete but the device is still showing the spinning arrows indicating that data is still being processed from buffers/caches in the sync pipeline. If you shutdown iTunes or unplug your device while data is still in flight you can expect something to be broken afterwards. This was the main reason I saw for iTunes marking all of the data in the device as being "Other" rather than its actual category. I'd rather wait a few extra seconds for confirmation that an operation has been successful (or failed) instead of returning control flow to the client, who can move on to another operation or exit.


    Apple software has bugs just like every other software ever developed. I'm very thankful that the Apple seems to be making only incremental changes to OS X and iOS this year. They ned to catch up on their bug backlog. 

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    The DRM issue shouldn't have happened at all. Apple should be able to keep track of what was uploaded."

    The DRM is only if you have just Apple Music streaming since as per the keynote and everything preceding it said if you cancel your subscription any song you made available offline wont be playable anymore unless you previously owned it. If you have itunes match still that doesn't happen.
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    So it seems no one at Apple slept last night, because this morning, it all seems to be working correctly (caveat below)

    The only thing I did before going to get last night was turn off iCloud Music in iTunes, quit & relaunched, and enabled iCloud music again.

    All my music, which is 95% ripped from CD's is now synced to iCloud Music Library, whether or not those titles are in the ITunes Store or not. HOWEVER, I noticed ITunes Match is still set to auto renew in my account settings, which I'm fairly certain I had turned off months ago. So the syncing of personal titles NOT matched to iTunes Store availability may be because Match is still working in the background.

    Apple really needs to clean that up...there are no controls any more that I can see to turn Match on or off, nor any clarity if it is still needed or if core iCloud Music Library functionality was rapidly changed to upload everything given how inundated Apple support was ( I called Apple Support twice and they were slammed with calls)

    The bigger issue is, as far as I can tell, 1) you cannot control what syncs with iCloud library and thus to your devices, and 2) local sync is disabled if you use iCloud Music library. The former is particularly important, because I have a lot of music in my master library that I don't necessarily want in my devices (music imported for video production, purchases or rips of music for my wife or kids which I have no personal interest in...). The latter should be permissible as a matter of choice, and should not negate the ability to fully use an important feature of a pay service (Apple Music Offline Listening)

    So at a moment when Apple would like maximum utilization and positive feedback of their new services, they really muddied the waters by introducing whole layers of confusion and complication unrelated to the simple goal of downloading Apple Music offline to experience wherever they are.

    All Apple needed to do was allow the current method of local sync, and use the existing Music Store mechanism to auto download offline Apple Music to all devices to permit listening. If someone WANTS to use an iCloud Music Library instead, that should be a separate and distinct option.

    Sadly, like Apple did with elimination local network iPhoto sharing, the reduction in Home Sharing capabilities, and now this, they are quite clearly trying to coerce usage of the cloud, rather than let users naturally decide if it's right for them. That's un-Apple like, and needs to change.
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    Originally Posted by TheWhiteFalcon View Post


    The DRM issue shouldn't have happened at all. Apple should be able to keep track of what was uploaded.

    The DRM thing happens when you make an Apple Music track available offline for listening. If you have iTunes Match and it is a song you uploaded and do that with it will stay. They have that in because you can make any track in iTunes available for offline listening and you are supposed to not be able to listen to it after you cancel the subscription. Now it could be something in the back end that got missed but if you keep iTunes match it doesn't do that only if you cancel it and then only use Apple Music and had deleted a track from your computer and then go re download it. It wont automatically do that to all the tracks you own if they exist on your computer. 

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    More counter-intuitive, buggy, poorly explained, poorly documented software and services from Apple.

    So bored of it now. Why no clear explanation about the relationship between Apple music and iTunes Match, why no clear statement that home sharing is gone, that DRM is returned to music matched and downloaded from Apple music rather than iTunes Match.

    A mess, and beats 1 is aimed clearly at a single demographic with no real variety in DJs or music.

    People are confused, iTunes is still one of the worst interfaces in the history of software design and basic functions are hidden layers deep (no icon anymore for repeating a playlist). Still no multiple windows in iTunes when building multiple playlists, cover flow gone in the one place it made sense.

    Disappointed, but trapped. Don't have the money to change my phone, tablet, laptop and desktop so no choice but to put up with this rubbish.
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    Originally Posted by dreyfus2 View Post


    The absolutely only thing iTunes needs to do, is leave local files alone. 

    Agreed. I don't use Match or iCloud or ?Music and the update still messed up my library. Nothing too awful but my library is small. I lost some cover art and now have some duplicate songs. Some cover art was switched to the wrong art. I had previously changed the art on some older albums to reflect the correct original art not the rerelease art that Apple provided. Now all that art has been reverted to the latest rerelease art or is simply missing getting rid of the art that I scanned from the cover of the original I ripped from CD.

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    Apple Music is a disaster for people with live music recordings. Put aside that Apple Music lost my Beats playlists and library, when I finally got iCloud music to enable, and after I unsubscribed from iTunes Match (which I hadn't used in over a year due to it not working), all of my locally stored music, which is mostly live recordings in Apple Lossless format, tagged by me and with my own selected cover art, was uploaded to the cloud.

    When it appeared on my other computers and phone, I first noticed that almost all of the album art had been changed by Apple Music. Worse still, it substituted many live tracks with other versions of them, sometimes from different eras, so that concerts are a hodgepodge of different tracks from different shows. It makes it totally unusable. Fortunately, it didn't mess with the locally stored files.

    This appears to make Apple Music mostly unusable, except for streaming.
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    Originally Posted by rpeters View Post

    I swear Apple is hiring DeVry grads for coders. 10.10.4 wrecked one of my Mail accounts and I can't seem to stream more than seven or eight songs in Apple Music without it cutting out. I cannot wait for July 29th and Windows 10.


    Right, you're excited about Windows 10.  That's probably because Windows 8 was such a pile of steaming manure that they skipped calling it Windows 9 (fact).  I'll take any Apple software over M$.  



    Originally Posted by Rogifan View Post

    I agree that Apple needs to get back to simplicity as much as possible. Over at 9to5Mac Jeremy Horowitz wrote an editorial about how Apple's new UI VP needs to focus on more intuitive software and used Apple Music as an example. The new Music app is overwhelming and much more complicated than it needs to be. And unfortunately on the desktop side they just bolted it on to the existing bloated iTunes app. Not good Apple, not good.


    I tend to agree with that.  But it's not just about user experience, it's about the number of business elements present.  App store.  iTunes store. iBooks store.  iTunes Match.  iCloud.  iCloud photo library.  To be honest, I (as an experienced Apple user) can't keep it all straight.  I'm still debating about iCloud  music library.  I've got a TON of ripped stuff from 16 years teaching music, some of it I wish to get rid of, some of which I don't.  



    Originally Posted by SolipsismY View Post

    1) That is more reasoned, but you're still blaming AI for this in a forum thread attached to an article in which they are reporting on the issue.

    2) Always back up your local libraries. You can't have everything connected and synced and except for it to never have a problem, either from a centralized issue from the provider, something you've done, or simply from a HW failure. This means you are ultimately responsible for your own data.


    Exactly.  Which is why I'm going to be very careful before turning on iCloud Music Library.  I can't say I care about a lot of the songs I have.  Many are just CD rips and old playlists I don't use, or things for my job that now reside on my work machine.  Need to think about it.  



    Originally Posted by BobSchlob View Post


    "- Since Forstall left, the # of features and capabilities in Apple products has skyrocketed (iOS6-iOS8, OSX 10.8-10.10) creating many more variables and use cases where things may not work as expected"


    ?I'm sorry…. Did you think this refutes his post??  You've just made his point for him.

    You want a "feature count", you should move to Samsung / Android.

    I've never ever said this type of thing before, but yes; Steve Jobs would be turning in his grave.



    "- Since Forstall left, the # of people using Apple products has also exploded, creating a much larger base of potential complaints."


    Talk about a lazy answer...


    Slurp, I think you are one of the smartest people who posts on this board. But you're missing it on this one.


    He's not the one making the claim.  Someone made a completely unsupported statement.  He asked for metrics.  Obviously there aren't any, because the claim was ridiculous to begin with.  Its not even supportable anecdotally.  




    Originally Posted by pfisher View Post

    Dude too many bad experiences. Nice tries at discrediting people who don't have access to empirical data. How about yourself? Where is your data to refute? Please explain.


    Wow, that was enlightening.  Truly.  "Dude too many bad experiences."  With what?  iTunes?  Apple software in general?  How many?  Who had them and where can we find them?  I think you need to explain.  

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