Apple pursuing close, 'day-to-day' oversight of Campus 2 construction



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    I mean the quality of software. And yes, they're building large scale projects.

    So basically you're full of shit, as I suspected in my previous post. You came into a thread about building construction standards, to state that you know another client (that you can't name) with a "higher bar"- and when questioned, only to later state you were referring to software? I mean.. Really?

    Your trolling lately has been extremely embarrassing.
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    Or your stuck with a contractor that is not living up the contract but switching them out is either impossible or way to expensive or worse drops things even further behind.  This is really common when there is a deadline that can not be changed.  I work in the school system.  If the school construction project isn't finished by august where screwed.  We cant send students away because things are behind and we are short 15 classrooms.  I've seen companies hire another firm just to be on site and overseeing a contractor to make sure they are doing things to the contract.  Even though you can force a contractor to fix problems and mistakes after delivery it again screws up your timeline and even though it might only be 2 precent of the project with issues often it can prevent you from using 20 percent of the facility.  

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