Mac sales up 16.1% in June quarter as overall PC market continues slump



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    Once again, these guys lump Apple together with Microsoft OEMs in their "Total" row. No row for Windows PCs, but you can do the math yourself by subtracting the Apple numbers from the "Total" numbers, and see how Windows PCs fared.

    For example, IDC's U.S. figures show a "Total" industry decline of 3.3%, but if you do the math to find out how Windows PCs did, you get a decline of 5.3%.
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    revenant wrote: »
    are you sure about that? it looks different enough to show Apple went down, not up. Whereas the numbers here show Apple going up, not down. 
    time will tell, and i doubt that Apple is going down anytime soon.

    Yes, positive. In the article here, there are numbers by IDC and Gartner. Gartner's are down. The numbers linked to are those same Gartner numbers as here. Did you not read the entire article here? If you did, you'd see the Gartner numbers towards the bottom, and the mention of them. Go to the link, and you'll find the same Gartner chart.
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    Originally Posted by Rogifan View Post

    But I thought the MacBook was a crappy computer worse than a 2011 MBA? image

    Yes, your are right. 


    Originally Posted by MikeSmoke View Post

    You know, it is somehow refreshing to know that more people do in fact recognize quality and purchase more and more Macs as the market moves in the opposite direction. The only reason that I do not have the latest models is that my budget will not allow it. But buying 2-3 year old used Macs is just so far ahead of the Windows world that it is not even funny.

    Try doing some research and you'll find many Windows systems that are far better than Apple hardware. 

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    Haven't Macs hit 100 million installed user base by now?


    5 million sales per quarter.  I remember when it was less than 1 million. :o


    The Mac train just keeps going.  Looking forward to some GPUs that can really drive that 5k iMac display in gaming.  Maybe with the next process shrink for GPUs sometime in 2016?


    iMac 5k.  I'll get one.  Maybe next year when Skylake, gpus, SDDs and memory have settled along true 'next gen' lines.


    As for Apple.  I think they're firing on all cylinders and have 180 billion plus in the bank.  Hard to argue with.  The next iPhone 6S will rake them in a shed load of money.


    Lemon Bon Bon.

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    ...and they should count iPad sales.  The iPad Air 2 is as fast as hell and is 9 out of ten for most common computing needs.


    Can't wait for the iPad '+' with iPen.


    Should be fantastic.


    Lemon Bon Bon.

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    Originally Posted by JoshA View Post


    If they showed the quantities for only personal use computers, based on my observations of what people buy,

    it would show Macs at a top level.


    Industry total volume figures include computers used in industry, which we know is Windows dominated because of IT people not wanting to risk their jobs being different.   I know many IT workers who quietly personally use Apple's iDevices and Macs.


    Everyone at my company... use MacBook Pros.  Most also run Windows on their MBPs either in a virtual machine or under bootcamp.


    The justification is simple.  Want to work on Windows?  7? 8?  Can do.  Want to work in OS X?  Can do.  Linux?  Ubuntu?  Red Hat?  Can do.  


    In fact.. can do all of those at the same time.


    Engineers/developers are going to need both anyways so just get a MacBook Pro.  On occasion the virtual Windows machine won't be good enough... so we have a pure PC in the closet for that case.


    I haven't been to a Silicon Valley company that doesn't have a very significant percentage of Macs for a while now...

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