Apple's new iPhones: Everything we know about the 'iPhone 6s' and '6s Plus'



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    Would be nice to have USB-C + lightning combo in one port. So, no complaint from Lightning folks because they can still continue to use their cables.

    Is that technically feasible?


    Sounds like a very, very good idea (and would make the european commission happy)

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    I hope once they go to 4k, they'll have an option to record 1080P (or higher) in landscape while holding the phone in portrait.
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    I think only statistical data should not be the reason to produce bigger phones. Some people just don't like big phones. People with smaller hands prefer 4 inch phone. I think Apple is not and should not be focusing on selling numbers but give something to for every people. Apple watch is the most personalised device and why not making iPhone more personalised. How many people are using accessibility features on iOS. Probably not many, should Apple stop supporting or developing these features? This is about producing products for different needs. The new iPod touch has 4 inch screen and powerful device, so it is quite possible to produce 4 inch iPhone.

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