Retina MacBook Pro owners plagued by supposed screen coating damage, call on Apple to take action



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    I live in Australia and the store i took it to was Chadstone so sorry not much help to you there, but this store replaced it no problem both my partners and mine "which happened about a month apart".  The person who served me said they where getting a lot in with the same problem so it is defiantly known.  I would keep trying go to another store or get the manager, get him to ring the AUS store if he still doesn't believe you.  

    I hope this helps.

    Thanks for your reply!  I actually got Apple to replace my display without charge by talking to tech support online.  I told them about the Apple discussions thread regarding the display issue.  I'm not sure if that helped but it didn't hurt.  I already took my laptop to a local Apple Store.  Now I'm just waiting to pick it up.

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    I've actually already spent an hour on it, and even in the rosiest scenario, a court action here in LA would take at least another 2-3 hours. And no, I wouldn't work for that rate.


    (Just speaking theoretically - I wouldn't take Apple to court over this for many reasons that are not economic.)


    I seriously appreciate the advice, though - especially since it's based in fact and on your own experiences. Hopefully others here might benefit from it.


    It is up to you, and maybe the LA small claims courts are a lot less efficient.  But if Apple sells you something that has either a manufacturing defect or a design defect, which I would qualify this current issue as one or the other, and won't make good on it, there is nothing "wrong" with nudging them to do the right thing by a small claims court action.   Apple is not perfect and makes mistakes and sometimes needs help doing the right thing.


    (Screen coatings that rub through when the lid is closed, in perfectly normal use, is a defect.   Many people with this issue do NOT clean their screens incorrectly or even very regularly).

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    As an affected user I can tell you I have never cleaned my screen with anything but a damp professional-grade optical cloth and this is happening. Attempts to clean it away lead to further spreading. It IS visible when the screen is powered, and like the prior commenter, for me its centered around the camera area, and may well be the result of opening the lid - although it is spreading away from that area. To me, this look like de-lamination below the glass, but it may be relating to coatings. It is certainly not "cosmetic damage" but I'm sure if you care for your screen poorly, this problem would be much worse for you. Regardless, any reasonable person who inspected my Mac would conclude this is a manufacturing issue.
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    Originally Posted by maztec View Post

    This problem is caused by delamination of the screen. It happened to my Retina MacBook Pro 2012. It started as a small spot, a burst pixel on the screen that pushed through the laminate. After a year I had a second burst pixel on the other side of the screen. You could literally feel the burst pixel and when put under a magnifying glass it was obvious that the screen was pock marked. I did nothing to cause it. However, when wiping the screen clean, water would seep in through these small divots, between the screen and the laminate. Over time this resulted in water spreading under the laminate and causing it to come away from the screen -- delaminate. Eventually my screen looked very much like the one at the top.

    Based on that experience I have looked at other people's screens who have delaminated. It appears they always start near a scratch, blown pixel, or an edge that may not have been sealed properly. Then over time basic water -- no special chemicals necessary -- seeps in between the screen and laminate through the breaks in the surface. As a result it just gets worse and worse over time.

    I would say that these issues fall into several categories:

    a) poorly sealed edges

    b) burst pixels

    c) punctured/scratched screens caused by poor lamination or user negligence

    Apple eventually replaced my screen, but they made it clear they would not do so for the delamination. It was replaced because of multiple dead pixels, including the two bright and center burst pixels that started the whole delamination process.

    It may be that some screens are not bonded as well to the laminate and as a result it shows up quicker or at all. It also seems to be a result of the retina screens that do not have the traditional glass/matte cover over them that Apple used to put on: perhaps a producto f making everything thinner.

    Many thx for the excellent description of this problem.  What you say sounds very logical, except it's obvious Apple is trying to sneak around this problem.

    I was planning to purchase the new  MacBook 12" retina, but now will wait out this problem to a satisfactory resolution.

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    slurpy wrote: »
    Horse-shit. No way the above photo happened through natural causes or proper care. Clearly the person was rubbing the hell out of it with God knows what. Also, less than 2K signs in 6 months? That's meaningless. A big percentage of those probably aren't even legit, and signed by trolls who don't even own the product. Yeah, this isn't a thing, no matter how hard blogs try to push it, including sites like this.

    Horseshit, indeed:
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    You are not correct cnocbui, this is not a cleaning issue. The damage appears to be heat related. Look at where most of the damage appears: near the rear or the unit where the MB is ventilated and near the track pad close to the logo. These units get HOT, and the coating is unable to resist the heat and delaminates. Apple needs to do the right thing and replace the defective units or face a class action.

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    To all who said there's no way this happened naturally, that we users created it, that we rubbed it to the point of wearing it off — all blaming it to users, you don't own a macbook pro with retina! PERIOD!!!!! All these complaints wouldnt have risen if we dont experience it. FYI, the petition has now gone to almost 5k users because like them, I am a victim also of this anti reflective coating issue of macbook retinas. The fact that this laptop is so expensive and gets easily damage, I regret buying it. Wish I could have known before as the issue does still exists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    yes its defiantly true, my is mids 2014, it started a little and i was rubbing it and it got bigger, so its def from rubbing it and all i used was micro cloth. so no one should clean their screen, and if there is any black on the screen you can easily see it weather you have a movie on or not, apple should just put a protective screen on so none of this would happen at all
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    Thanks for all of your bold assurances that I am hallucinating the appearance of the screen that is currently thirteen inches from my face---as if it were a law of nature that your screen must look exactly like mine because the hand of god hovers over the Apple assembly line in China.    In clear and undeniable fact, the edge of my screen on the top and two sides has some sort of vapor intrusion almost to the limit of the black edge.  In a few places, fingers are intruding into the display on the side.  It's just ugly and junky now---it looks like I failed to remove some cheap, protective covering that was supposed to protect the screen during shipping, which is why I came to this site.  But now I see the tscreen is going to be ruined in a year or so, and I will be in for another $800.00 out of warranty payment to Apple.  

    For the information of you wannabe experts, I never touched my mbp with anything but a soft, damp microfiber towel, which cleans it up like new.  I keep it in an expensive, waterproof case by Tule that came highly recommended by the dealer.  I do not drag it behind my car in the desert, throw it from airplanes, pour acid, acetone, or paint on it, or do any of the "blame the victim" fantasies you helpfully proposed to save yourselves from the cognitive dissonance of admitting that Apple may have made a big mistake.   Maybe you will blame the climate in Pittsburgh.  Perhaps anything outside of silicon valley is too moist.
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    Well, my 2016 15" Macbook Pro with Touch Bar is creeping hell.

    I can't believe we put up with this shit. 
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