Pixelmator for iOS gains Dynamic Touch, faster Repair tool & more

in iPhone edited July 2015
A new version of Pixelmator for iOS, released on Tuesday, makes a number of improvements to the app, most significantly introducing Dynamic Touch and a much faster Repair tool.

Pixelmator's Dynamic Touch allows easier control of stroke size during Retouch. Rather than manually adjust size, users only have to apply a thicker or thinner portion of their fingertip to make a proportionate stroke.

The updated Repair tool should be up to five times faster, and also more precise, the Pixelmator Team said.

Other improvements include greater possible blur with the Blur effect, better-looking Pinch and Bump effects, and on the iPad the elimination of separate Brush Tool and Eraser Tool shortcuts in favor of a Toggle Eraser button. Numerous bugfixes target problems with the Photo Editing extension, Undo functions, importing PSD files with custom fonts, and more.

Pixelmator for iOS costs $5. The latest version runs on any device with iOS 8.3 or later.


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