Spotify moving towards Premium-only music content amid label pressure, sources say



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    In Radio, you can't get the exact song you want, in the order you want, when you want it.  Basically, ads in streaming are supposed to pay for all the money the artists would lose by people not buying their stuff, they don't; especially for the 5% of artists that generate millions of sales like Taylor swift.  She'd lose milions by letting all her stuff go to ad paid on demand streaming.

    You're too literal, I know the difference between radio and streaming services. My point in when you listen to music from the radio or streaming you are not paying for it. The record lables still get paid, it just comes from a ads revenue.

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    Um, are you absolutely sure that radio stations pay artists? Because they are lobbying right now against legislation that would actually force them to pay per play.


    Yes Radio station have to keep a list of all music they play and they pay Record lables a fee based on the total play time. Does this make it way back to artists you guest is as good as mine.

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    Are those golden dildos jutting out of her dress? Absolutely degenerate.

    Believe me: That says more about you than her. :)


    And Tay-Tay is a nice girl.  A super-duper rich nice girl.  But a nice girl.  :)

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