Samsung takes on Apple's iPhone 6 Plus with 5.7" Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge+



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    fallenjtfallenjt Posts: 4,053member
    sog35 wrote: »
    Give me a break.

    Samsung is a copycat brand.  PERIOD.

    Copy iPhone design.
    Copy MacBook design.
    Copy iPad design.
    Copy Apple Watch.
    Copy Apple packaging
    Copy Apple commericals
    Copy ApplePay
    Copy fingerprint scanner
    S-Voice copy Siri
    S-Music copy iTunes
    ect, ect, ect.............
    Copy even material processing video...what they won't copy to Apple is: profit
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    grkm3grkm3 Posts: 30member
    sog35 wrote: »
    Pathetic that the largest memory size is 64GB

    IMO, Samsung has made a HUGE error by:

    1. getting rid of the easily swap battery
    2. getting rid of SD card slot
    3. getting rid of water proof

    Those were the 3 things that made the Galaxy/Note different from the iPhone.

    Now the only thing different is the lame curve screen and stylus.

    The s1,s2,s3,s4,note1,note2,note3 and note 4 were all NOT water proof. The only phone that was water proof was the gs5.

    The note 5 from early reviews is out lasting the note 4 by over 2 hours of screen time so that removable battery is a wash.

    I rather have ultra fast nand storage vs sd card anyday and could care less about the sd card.Samsung is the only oem using the new memory controller and untill we get ssd sd cards its not compatible to use on its bus.

    It's like plugging an ide hard drive into a sata 3 port.

    PS there are 128gb options
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