Apple releases iOS 8.4.1 with fixes for Apple Music and iCloud Music Library



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    Another option for frustrated music lovers, I've been enjoying Copertino's Vox player with Loop -- and looking at it as an alternative to iTunes Match. Then I could just use Apple Music for streaming.
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    I, initially, came here to find out if the shuffle button was put back in its regular spot. After reading 3 pages of comments, I'm more confused than when I started. What is the option best for me.....????? My music ALL comes from other sources. I've never used Apple Music. I've never subscribed to anything. I put my music onto my phone through iTunes. I listen to it offline, and while online at home. The only time I listen to my music, matter of fact, is at home. Maybe not upgrading is my best option????? Lol. Sorry for the stupid question. I'm just lost.
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    If you have a reasonable internet connection, then even with the recent Apple Music problems, iTunes Match is well worth the few dollars and the effort to set up. I have too many cds to ever listen but since iTunes Match, I am able to listen easily almost anywhere. I bought a Bose Bluetooth speaker and stream music from my old iPhone 4S to the speaker. It sounds incredible even right next to a good quality stereo system. The stereo system becomes obsolete regardless of quality when I can actually listen to music I have not heard in years.
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