iCloud.com gains options to restore files, contacts & calendar data



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    slprescott wrote: »
    How about "Restore my iTunes library that got corrupted by Apple Music"?

    iLoath iTunes, it has caused me to lose music more than once.
    I'd guess if I ever quit Apple Music I'll lose all my down loaded CDs again.
    Luckily I really like Apple Music and will no longer buy and try to maintain a music library, no more paying for iTunes Match & no more shitty iTunes????????????????
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    Something better than itunes and icloud photo library is needed for iOS. Using itunes match and the new photo library which in theory should be excellent solutions, have proven to be a disaster for me. The photo library stopped uploading months ago and no one at Apple seems to have a clue how to fix it. Full resolution photos have disappeared and even senior techs have admitted it's new and they are not totally certain how it works. I've spent countless hours getting all my music onto my computer and now find duplicates and missing songs throughout my music in itunes. When it works it's great but when it messes up there seems to be no recovery. And no help from Apple with a problem they are responsible for.
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