Rumor: Sharp, Foxconn tabbed to supply parts for 4M-5M 'iPad Pro' units this fall



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    fallenjtfallenjt Posts: 4,056member
    Samsung Galaxy Tab Note with S-pen, the next big thing is already here lol...I know it's coming...6
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    Originally Posted by Glasses Man View Post




    The only thing that got my attention in your post was the remark about "future proofing".  What do you mean by that, really?  In what sense can anything be future-proofed?  Is that even necessary?

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    pmzpmz Posts: 3,433member

    Definitely getting one of these, and really looking forward to the keyboard accessories. I am the only one who would like a "trackpad mode" of some kind to use while using a bluetooth keyboard? I think now with the device getting larger the larger keyboard accessories may have room on them for a little trackpad.

    To me I would find that more useful than touching the screen while using the keyboard.


    I really don't want a MacBook, I want to make the iPad good enough to be my only portable away from my iMac/work desk. The only place it lacks is in speed of text input, so the bluetooth keyboard or keyboard case goes a long way to making the iPad more of a MacBook replacement (and still an iPad when I want it to be). The only thing awkward about it is having to touch the screen. There aren't enough keyboard shortcuts to get around the whole OS without a trackpad..I really think they need to do something here with the Pro.


    If not a trackpad, then I would ask for a wider library of keyboard shortcuts, that make it so you can navigate the iPad almost completely without touching that mode of course.

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    neutrino23neutrino23 Posts: 1,563member

    I can't wait. This will be great for work. I deal with a lot of scientific imaging which benefits from having more real estate. I suspect that in addition to a larger screen and better digitizer this will come with the A9X which is supposed to be much faster and may even have 2GB of memory.


    I addition, a larger screen makes it easier to VPN back to the home Mac.

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    Originally Posted by DamonF View Post

    Just wondering about the semantics in the storyline:

    "The smoke surrounding Apple's long-rumored jumbo iPad is beginning to thicken, as whispers out of Asia suggest that the company has chosen Japanese firm Sharp and Taiwanese collaborator Foxconn to build and assemble touch modules for as many as 5 million 'iPad Pro' units."

    Isn't the smoke actually clearing, rather than thickening, if we are finding out more about the iPad Pro supply chain?

    The word "surrounding" is what messes it up. The goal I think is to invoke "where there's smoke, there's fire" because, you know, it's still just rumors. So thicker smoke means more of a chance of an actual fire (actual product info).

    What you are thinking is "the fog has cleared". ;)

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    Many know this already, but I'm seeing posts suggesting they don't know: If there is a pen it will certainly be tightly integrated and a pretty big deal with software support needed in many places and new hardware involved with the iPad as well. The reason iPad pens are currently horrible is because they are trying to use hardware and software developed for the use of finger presses.


    From the pictures the rumors paint, this is probably a good reason that 9.1 will match with the iPad plus/pro release.

    I'm very curious the angle Apple takes on the stylus. I really want this to be great but that one rumor suggesting the first stylus will be more limited than a future one is unsettling. Also, hopes for this to work like a cintiq connected to a PC are probably not going to be satisfied on the initial reveal.

    The bigger ? in my mind is how this will be marketed towards enterprise. I get the whole artist approach, but this thing has to have a bigger appeal than that. Are we going to get a keyboard case or some way to make it more of a temporary laptop? There are already many software cues in the upcoming 9.0 that make it more laptop like. Maybe it will just be presenting that as one nice package with IBM enterprise apps demonstrating how great it will be to deploy these to their employees. :) Is that enough?

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    pscooter63 wrote: »
    The only thing that got my attention in your post was the remark about "future proofing".  What do you mean by that, really?  In what sense can anything be future-proofed?  Is that even necessary?

    future proof-cross platform....meaning I can use Ableton Live on either Mac or PC...
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    Originally Posted by Seankill View Post

    Probably going to get one if the battery life is better than 12 hours and a stylus is included.

    I’ll be getting a stylus with mine, but it won’t be included. And while I don’t like that I’ll have to pay another $100 to get it, I understand and respect Apple’s reason not to include it.


    DOCK FOR MY IPHONE; I forgot to get one of those. I’m really upset that it’s 40 bucks for something that doesn’t even have BACKING to hold the phone up...

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    roake wrote: »

    I have yet to find a stylus where I can actually write with any detail, as one could with a pencil or pen.  Most seem designed to emulate a three-year-old ham-fisting an oversized crayon.  Hopefully, Apple's solution will be flexible and accurate in this regard.  I have no doubt that there will be zero lag with Apple's solution.

    Latency is the issue. Requires insanely fast hardware to decrease latency in order to feel real
    Next up, texture. Nobody writes on glass. You're expecting the feel of a pen writing on paper and we're still a long way off from simulating textures
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    booboobooboo Posts: 49member

    Looking forward to this. I use my iPad for playing music with the ForScore app and a bluetooth foot pedal for page turns. It works well, but I think the larger screen will show more of the page in one view, cutting down on the number of page turns required. 

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