IDC speculates an Apple 'iPad Pro' could help invigorate 2-in-1 tablet market



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    sog35 wrote: »
    Uh, did you get your shares for $90?

    Pardon me, but as tolerant and supportive of many of your posts with a multitude of upvotes.... may the mods excuse me for saying that you are one of the most nerving persistent little SOB's I've experienced here.


    We got it 5 threads ago: SS missed an opportunity and you made out like a little bandit (slow Clap - efin - Clap)! :no:
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    There's nothing new or innovative there.

    I just watched the small video presentation, and the only thing that has me excited doesn't have as much to do with Adobe as it does with Apple:

    ---> a 55mb original RAW from a Canon 1DS being manipulated, zoomed and scrolled?! Whoa!

    Think about that! I know clients that struggle on desktops with big files like the ones from a PhaseOne or Nikon D810. That makes either a) the iPad Air II far more powerful than many of us have imagined... or Adobe is rocking an iPad Air III (?).

    Apart from that, Adobe is showing the HUD that they demoed well over a few years ago for PS, now on an iPad. Even better than sliders IMHO is when you choose the tool, you either scroll or "slide" left or right for fine-tuned brightness, contrast, sat, etc., or up/down for jumps of 10 (like holding the shift key and L-R arrowing through the input fields.

    There's a lot to be desired in all of the CC Suite GUI's, that I hope Adobe's experimentation with the iPad propagates back to the desktop in some ways... not all.... but clicking in boxes or even name sliders is just so 90's. :\
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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post



    I’m now excited for Apple to prove you wrong.


    Though, honestly, I expect the 13” iPad to eventually run a form of OS XI rather than iOS.


    Nix to the former, props to the latter. There are better ways of doing it than both iOS’s way and folder trees.


    But... the entire S&P 500 thinks otherwise.


    I rather think that’s more to do with typing speed for people who aren’t used to touchscreen keyboards. I’m still faster on a physical one, even, and I’ve been using iPhone OS/iOS’ keyboard since Day One.


    PLEASE, APPLE, ABANDON THE MACBOOK KEYBOARD. IT WAS A BAD DECISION AND IF YOU MAKE A STANDALONE DESKTOP KEYBOARD LIKE THAT IT’LL BE HORRIBLE. I get what they’re doing–they’re making it so that physical keyboards are so close to touchscreens that you might as well just use the latter–but in doing so they have to make physical keyboards worse, which isn’t nice.


    All of your replies is based on what SJ envisions when the iPad was announced but here we are today after 5 years.  You see all the tech journalists including this site, engadget, Cnet, etc all sporting Macbooks, MBA, etc and none of them go to Apple events armed only with an iPad to blog during the events.  There's a certain amount of processing power, multitasking, and file management capability necessary in order to efficiently blog and be able to imessage or even shoot out tweets while at a show. 


    I don't think Apple will ever do a Surface Pro like device, just not their thing.

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    Originally Posted by Maury Markowitz View Post


    LOLZ. The reason this market is "quiet" is because no one wants one. If you want a laptop you get a laptop, if you want a tablet you get a tablet. IDC's guess is precisely as useful as all their former predictions.

    I'd hazard a guess that much of the reason convertibles are not in demand is because they aren't very good at being tablets. The Surface has sharp edges and is super heavy. The Surface also has some pretty janky touch responsiveness and I don't like the wide display aspect ratio. 4:3 just feels more a lot more balanced in both portrait and landscape.

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    Originally Posted by jfc1138 View Post

    Jumping into that white-hot segment that is the Surface?

    Good one.

    Originally Posted by Vision33r View Post

    I don't think Apple will ever do a Surface Pro like device, just not their thing.

    Originally Posted by nagromme View Post

    Keyboard as accessory--sure. It makes sense for some. Probably left to 3rd parties.

    Detachable 2-in-1? No.

    That will make sense in a far off future where iOS and OS X merge. Until then, it's still a useful niche for some, but not a niche I expect Apple to target

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    I'd hazard a guess that much of the reason convertibles are not in demand is because they aren't very good at being tablets.


    I agree with all these posts.


    The Surface and the whole 2-in-1 market is not a white-hot segment because the basic principle is flawed. The goal was the best of both worlds but the result is a bit of the worse of both worlds. They aren't very good at being tablets because of their weight and the keyboard is either flimsy like the Surface or you're stuck with the keyboard as part of the chunky laptop. I also think it's not Apple's thing, since Cook's famous refrigerator-toaster comment. It’s all in all a bad compromise.


    Originally Posted by AppeX View Post

    To invigorate the tablet market Apple should just realease a Mac tablet.


    Mac OS X is WIMP1 based like Windows and would be just as awkward to use because the targets, especially menus, designed for a mouse pointer are difficult to use with a finger. A stylus could alleviate that but that's another argument. iOS has menus but the menu items are big fat targets which would be horrendous on OS X, there is no compromise here and that's what makes Surface an awful experience. A full desktop OS also has many components that are unnecessary on a tablet.


    I do think however that there could be a few use cases for a different kind of combination, not a 2-in-1 of course, but more like a 1+1 arrangement, for many road warriors who find themselves hesitating to bring either their MacBook or their iPad, buy particularly for those who end up lugging both along. For the latter case I could see a 13 inch iPad clipping in to what could be very similar to the computer part of the new ultra thin MacBook. The iPad would simply be the computer's monitor in OS X mode, while still being an iPad in the background as well, with a key to quickly flip modes to copy and paste between the 2 if required. Once back in the office or at home they could simply unclip the iPad and connect to a monitor using the new USB-C port for a full desktop setup and still have an iPad available for work or play or share with family members. It would be sort of a Mac mini with integrated keyboard, which could also be sold separately as a standalone product for an ultra compact desktop solution. That's as close to a Mac tablet that I would get.


    Originally Posted by DanVM View Post

    Be happy and use the device you need and makes you more productive.  :) 


    Exactly, no compromise. Obviously if you only need one device then just use the more productive one for the task at hand, period. The configuration mentioned above is not for those who need only one device since it's heavier than either of the two singular devices. This is a combination for those who tend to carry both, arguably a small niche market, but then again, considering the actual sales of 2-in-1 machines, it could be worthwhile. Keep in mind that you would now have between 10 and 20 hours of use since there would be batteries in both devices or even have many configurations of the keyboard component, such as keyboard only with or without trackpad, with or without computer, with or without battery, depending on needs, such as processing, weight or budget considerations.


    Again, this would not be a big market but for those who would even consider a 2-in-1, this could be an attractive solution if done right at a fair price. It's certainly something I would buy to replace my old iPad 3 and MBP 17" 2008.


    1 WIMP : windows, icons, menus, and pointing (device)

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