Square launches Appointments iPhone app for booking, managing clients

in iPhone edited August 2015
Mobile payment firm Square on Thursday launched Square Appointments, a combination service and iPhone app for businesses dependent on client bookings.

The platform allows clients to book appointments through the Web, which business owners can then accept or reject using the app including via notifications. Alternately owners can create and edit their own appointments and personal events -- with notes -- which are added to the app's daily and monthly calendar views.

Businesses can also use the app to manage notes, history, and other information about clients. An iPhone's contacts and Google calendars can be imported if needed.

For people already tied into the Square ecosystem, software hooks allow payments to be completed using Square Register 4.18 or later.

The Appointments app is a free download, but a subscription costs $30 per month for a single user, $50 for teams of two to five people, and $90 for unlimited access.
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