Rumor: Apple's 21.5-inch iMac with 4K display now in production



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    My company is a Windows shop, but Macs are tolerated by IT if you bring your own. I have no connectivity or services issues - the only short comings are if an application is only developed for Windows. Of course you can run boot camp or a vim in those cases, but rest of time I am on OSX, using Office for Mac for compatibility.

    If MS would support Office on an AX Mac, then it would work well enough in an enterprise market.

    The way Adobe is supporting iOS right now I would think Adobe could easily jump to an ARM-based Mac (or Mac-like) "PC." MS could, too, but that would be rough for them since it would mean supporting a platform that will keep eating into their Windows desktop market.
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    My read on the SKYLAKE processors is that none of them will be as fast numerically as the current 4.0 GHZ/4.4 Turbo top model 27" imac Retina. I know it's not all about the numbers, but Skylake seems to be addressing heat / power issues, not necessarily speed. So if it's Skylake, okay, but I want to see other things more than a processor speed upgrade.

    1. cheaper SSD - the $800 ask to upgrade to a 1 TB SSD is a tough one for me.
    2. Forget Fusion drives. Too many people with audio recording systems have complained about them but that's what Apple is pushing and in fact, you can't order a regular HD (which would be my second choice because it's affordable) any more.
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