UK banks Lloyds Bank, Halifax, Bank of Scotland add support for Apple Pay

in iPhone edited September 2015
Support for Apple Pay is expanding in the United Kingdom, with a trio of new banks going online with Apple's tap-to-pay service on Friday: Lloyds Bank, Halifax, and Bank of Scotland.

Multiple readers who bank with Lloyds and Halifax reached out to AppleInsider on Friday to say that their credit and debit cards were successfully added to Apple Pay. Multiple users on Twitter also confirmed that support is now live.

In addition, others on social media also indicated that Bank of Scotland is supporting Apple Pay as of Friday. No official announcement has been made from any of the three banks, nor Apple.

Apple Pay launched in the U.K. in July on eight regional banks, and support from more than 250,000 stores. Initial supporters were HSBC/First Direct, MBNA, Nationwide, NatWest, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Santander, and Ulster Bank.

The transaction limit was also raised last month to 30 pounds, allowing even larger purchases without entering a PIN number or signature. Support for Barclays in the U.K. is also said to be coming.

Further expansion for Apple Pay will come for U.S. customers next week, when credit card company Discover will add support. Discover will also be offering 10 percent cash back on all Apple Pay transactions on up to $10,000 of in-store purchases.


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    All the same bank in reality. I imagine TSB and Cooperative Baink will follow soon as they use Lloyds back-of-house systems.
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    When the hell is Canada going to get on the bloody bandwagon??!!
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    Originally Posted by Mike022465 View Post

    When the hell is Canada going to get on the bloody bandwagon??!!

    I second that!

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    Come on, get off your arse Barclays! :)

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    chiachia Posts: 710member
    mike022465 wrote: »
    When the hell is Canada going to get on the bloody bandwagon??!!
    thedba wrote: »

    I second that!

    I don't get why you waste time spamming the discussion about Apple Pay in the UK with whining about when (if?) it arrives in Canada.
    It really adds no value nor insight to the discussion.

    You can use your time and words more productively by lobbying Apple Canada and your Canadian banks.
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    I can confirm that my cards have been registered. Just need to find a place that supports contactless payment now!

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    Arrrugh never mind Canada what about Australia...frustratingly years behind again and not even a hint it's around the corner? I wonder if it simply due to waiting for all glitches to be ironed out elsewhere or if the internal technology isn't at the banks yet or is it the usual banks colluding to keep it out over arguments over fees. Whatever it is it makes the banks here look antiquated.
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    And is there any way a German iPhone user can get hold of a supported VISA/Master Card? It feels so backwards paying at German supermarkets. The technology is already installed in many places, but noone uses it. We need Apple Pay! Any info on how to get any supported US or UK credit card as a German citizen from within Germany?
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    jbdragonjbdragon Posts: 2,244member

    Ummm, 10% Cash back using the Discover Card.  That's FREE MONEY!!!  Pay your balance off every month and you have no interest to pay out.  Sounds like a win for me.  

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