Apple to launch renovated on-campus Company Store on Saturday

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Apple will reopen the Company Store at its Cupertino headquarters this Saturday, Sept. 19, after having finished an extensive series of renovations to the space.

Unlike most Apple outlets, the Company Store has traditionally side-stepped Mac and iOS devices. Instead its main attraction has been Apple-branded merchandise like t-shirts and water bottles, which often can't be found anywhere else.

Although it shuttered for renovation work in June, the store is normally open to both the public and Apple workers, an attraction for tourists visiting the Cupertino campus.

Apple hasn't publicly discussed what changes it's making to the location. The company may be bringing the shop's look in line with other Apple Stores.

If Apple plans to begin selling more electronics, it will have a number of new devices to offer. It recently launched the iPad mini 4, as well as new Watch models and accessories. The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are due to ship on Sept. 25.


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    I just hope they keep selling the apple branded clothes and other items and keep it open to the public. 

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    It's weird that this story claims the store will open on Saturday. It has never been open on weekends before. Only M-F 9-5.

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    Would be nice to bring some of those Apple-branded items into the larger Apple Stores. I'll bet they'd sell tons of their clothes in China. In China, high-end brand logos on clothes (and other personal items) are even more important than in the U.S.
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    Hope this will mean that they will be open on Saturday at least now. Can't take a day off just to buy there.
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    I hope their clothing items are higher end than has been previous carried.

    Their clothing buyers need to up their game to Apple standards.

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    Great news! A friend of mine is visiting Cupertino, and I've already pestered her to go buy me things!
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    Originally Posted by mangakatten View Post

    Great news! A friend of mine is visiting Cupertino, and I've already pestered her to go buy me things!

    I live in Cupertino. Just let me know what you need.

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