Apple's 'Project Titan' car faces manufacturing roadblocks, could necessitate partnership



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    Sort of puts Samsung's $7.6 B investment in its Austin fab in perspective.  Making processors for phones is far harder and more expensive than making cars.

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     Killing the high-end market? By selling cars by the thousands instead of millions? By selling "luxury" cars that are only slightly more equipped than an Accord or Camry? They're not killing anything.

    They were the best selling luxury vehicle in North America in 2013, the year after they further increased their market share.  So yes they are making a killing in terms of grabbing market share of the luxury car market.



    Gigafactory doesn't mean squat. Anyone can build such a factory. And even though Tesla is in bed with Panasonic, as soon as Toyota or GM flash billions in cash under their noses Panasonic will be selling to them as well. Or maybe it'll be Samsung. Bottom line is there are lots of players in battery technology and Tesla doesn't have a lock on battery supply.

    Anyone who has been following the Gigafactory would know that was part of the plan, when those other car companies come knocking for batteries guess which factory they are going to turn to.......The Gigafactory!  It is really the only factory that exists that can  even come close to meeting their demand and has a history of creating batteries for vehicles in such numbers(or it will at least).   Elon Musk has said he wants to Tesla to be more thought of as a battery company not a car company.  Why should Toyota or GM spend billions of dollars on building Gigafactories of their own when they can let Tesla take all the risk?



    Ridiculous comment.

    Are you kidding?  It was a dead on satire/mocking of your comment.?



    And as I said above, Tesla isn't making a dent in the high-end segment. Not even close. 

    Right............That is why they are the number one selling vehicle in the 70k to 120k price range in North America and growing.

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    Apple making a car has never really made sense to me but the one scenario I can think of that would be very intriguing is if they are developing a driverless electric taxi, aka Uber without the driver.
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    How about coming up with a new design for a Macbook Air first, instead of reinventing the automobile.
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    Originally Posted by Brasco View Post

    How about coming up with a new design for a Macbook Air first, instead of reinventing the automobile.

    They did. The MacBook. Air’s on its last legs.

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    rs9 wrote: »
    Apple assembles everything in China. Why mot a car? May I suggest you all look up Zero Air Pollution ( based in Central California and partnering wit Jonway in China. I see an opportunity.

    Because this is an opportunity to put a large number of Americans to work. Right now we have far too many unemployed people and need the industrial expansion to bring some balance to our current economy.
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