This week on AppleInsider: Apple Car progress, legal battles, iOS 9 launch & more

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Even with a Sept. 9 press event in the rear-view mirror, major Apple stories kept on rolling this week -- particularly in the legal world, and in relation to the possibility of a self-driving car.

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iPhone 6s launch could top iPhone 6 numbers

Speaking to CNBC on Monday, Apple claimed that iPhone 6s and 6s Plus orders were on track to top the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which cracked 10 million units in their first three days. Preorders for the new phones began on Sept. 12, but actual shipments won't start until Sept. 25.

That day the devices will launch in 12 regions, more than the 9 the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus initially reached. Apple may be trying assuage investor concerns that modest updates in the new hardware will limit sales.

Project Titan: Tesla impact, manufacturing problems, DMV talks

AppleInsider learned that Apple's recruitment of Tesla workers for a car may be having a "big impact" on the latter company, affecting its product roadmap. A source also revealed that Apple is considering a manufacturing partner to help with a vehicle, and might still use the BMW i3 as a template.

On Friday, The Guardian said that Apple's legal team recently met with the California Department of Motor Vehicles, including co-sponsors of the state's autonomous vehicle regulation project. That could mean that Apple's car will not only be self-driving, but become public knowledge sooner than expected, whether through real-world testing or official disclosures.

Apple cloud services may unify under single platform

Breaking away from its past approach to projects, Apple is reportedly working towards linking all its cloud services with a core platform based on the work of the Siri team. The effort could take years, but fix integration problems and make it easier to add service features.

Apple development normally works in "silos," with separate teams dedicated to each project.

iOS 9 goes live, watchOS 2 gets delayed

After a long beta period Apple released the finished version of iOS 9 for iPhones, iPads, and the iPod touch. The update adds features like more advanced iPad multitasking, a News app, and search and Siri enhancements.

watchOS 2 was set to debut on the same day, but was delayed at the last minute because of an unspecified bug.

Apple wins patent appeal vs. Samsung, but appeals e-book case to Supreme Court

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled on Thursday that Apple has the right to block Samsung from using some patented inventions in its devices. Samsung's position was supported by companies like Google, LG, and HTC.

Separately, Apple began efforts to appeal the outcome of its e-book antitrust trial at the highest level, the Supreme Court. Should it fail, the company will have to pay a $450 million penalty and concede to restrictions on some of its business dealings.

AppleInsider podcast

Our editors assembled to talk about iOS 9, the Apple Car, and Tim Cook's appearance on The Late Show.


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    I've noticed when I'm switching from an app such as Facebook back to built in Messages the keyboard doesn't automatically appear it takes a few seconds. It's just all blank white but still have the ability to type. Then it appears.
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    There's already an article about this podcast, written by Victor. Why the second article?

    (I enjoy the podcasts, BTW. Great when walking the dog.)
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    Originally Posted by Slprescott View Post

    There's already an article about this podcast, written by Victor. Why the second article?

    (I enjoy the podcasts, BTW. Great when walking the dog.)

    This is just a weekly roundup we do, summarizing the week's biggest news and spotlighting exclusive AI content (including the podcast). People who don't want to listen to the podcast can just read this article and get caught up every Saturday on what they may have missed.

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    Uh-oh, Victor is back to using the "Whispamaphone" (Dr. Seuss). Thought you had fixed the problem of normalizing the three mics.
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