Apple Watch to debut in Ireland, Austria & Denmark Sept. 25

in Apple Watch edited September 2015
International expansion of the Apple Watch continues, with a trio of countries --?Ireland, Austria and Denmark -- to gain access to the wearable this coming Friday, Sept. 25.

Pricing on the Apple Watch will start at 399 euros for the 38-millimeter Sport model in Austria, 449 euros for the 42-millimeter. In Ireland, the base price for the 38-millimeter size is 429 euros, including a value added tax of about 81 euros, while a 90 euro VAT brings the 42-millimeter price up to 479 euros.

Meanwhile, in Denmark, customers will be able to get the 38-millimeter Sport for 3.099,00 krones, and the 42-millimeter size starting at 3.499,00 krones.

Sept. 25 will also mark the debut of the Apple Watch in retail stores of U.S. carriers T-Mobile and Sprint. Meanwhile, Apple Watch also went on sale Saturday in Belgium, with sport models starting at 419 euros and 531 euros, for 38- and 42-millimeter sizes.

And authorized Apple resellers in Australia, Germany and the U.K. have also begun preparing to sell the Apple Watch in the coming weeks.

Apple has been gradually expanding availability of its new wearable device since it first launched in late April. The company has not revealed specific sales figures of the Apple Watch and does not intend to, though it did disclose that the new device has outsold the first iPhone and first iPad.


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    idreyidrey Posts: 647member
    Any news on watch os 2.0?
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    You should check your sources… Apparently, the Apple Watch is not available for purchase in Belgium at all; there are display tables and demo units and that's that. I read this in french, on this blog:
    Mise à jour: La montre serait finalement exposée, avec la possibilité de la tester, mais pas encore commercialisée. Probablement une question de jours…

    The update was added after a few commenters from Brussels pointed out that they personally went there and were told so by the Apple Store staff, and roughly translates as:
    Update: The watch will finally be displayed, with the possibility of testing it, but not yet sold to the public. Probably a matter of days…

    Yeah, sure… days. We all know how the launch went, so keep telling yourself that.

    Also, if you check the belgian Apple website, you can see that there are no “buy” links to be seen… If the initial launch started on the online store and only progressed to their brick-and-mortar stores a while later, why should the launch in Belgium be any different?

    Anyway, I'm guessing that if the Apple Watch was being actually put up for sale in Brussels/Belgium, surely there would be some evidence of that on, am I right?

    I did my own checks because my brother moved to Brussels this Friday and I was hoping he could bring me an Apple Watch come Oct.4 (there will be a general election here in Portugal and, being the responsible citizen he is, he'll come home to vote) but, alas, that doesn't seem very likely now, does it? Thank you AI and MR for deceiving me (not).
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