Samsung plans to follow Apple's lead again, offer smartphone financing program



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    Where would Samsung be without its Cupertino R&D Facility?


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    Originally Posted by Macky the Macky View Post

    "Samsung plans to launch a smartphone leasing program "in the next several months," or perhaps sooner."

    Or how about "or later..."

    I suspect Samsung let this rumor loose to figure out how they can finance their program. Their local Tong banks have onerous terms in case of non-performance. "First the fingers, then the toes; you know how it goes."

    Also, financing options may just have to wait in line until other promised upgrades arrive, like 64-bit devices...

    I'm not sure what you're getting at, Samsung has had 64-bit hardware on the market for about a year now.

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    Originally Posted by SirLance99 View Post

    Motorola has been doing this before Apple, so no, Apple is not the first. Apple followed Motorola.


    So why didn't Samsung announced their lease program after Motorola announced theirs?


    You can seriously describe Samsung's desire to go along with anything that Apple does as nothing short of obsessive.  

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    Ok nothing new about this. Our Carriers in Switzerland (like offers this already. And the handsets are in general unlocked even when bought with a mobile plan discount. So the US carriers are still backwards (locked handsets) in this regards.
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