Top iOS ad blocker Crystal lets advertisers pay to bypass restrictions



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    Wow there sure is a lot of ignorance and paranoia in this thread. Most of you don't have a clue what Google Analytics and other services are all about. No, I am not connected to any ad blocking developers, but I am a webmaster and knowing the demographics that visit our websites is very useful for many things that help us serve our members better. (We have very few ads on our sites as we don't need to monetize that way)


    One other thing, I need to address the person who kept posting "raping our privacy" over and over. Rape is a violent, horrific crime. It is not a cool slang word for feeling taken advantage of or ripped off. PERIOD. Stop using it like one if you are a decent human being. It's insensitive and offensive to use it as slang as well as completely incorrect. Being tracked by Google Analytics or whatever is NOTHING like being raped. Not even remotely close. Ask me how I know.

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    In an upcoming App Update, Crystal will give users the option to enable a feature that allows acceptable ads, and also provide the ability to whitelist websites. These features will be optional, and the acceptable ads whitelist will not be enabled by default.


    Here's all the info, straight from the horse's mouth as they say...

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    freediverx wrote: »
    It should be opt-in not opt-out. But that's really irrelevant at this point because the real question everyone should be asking themselves is whether they want to trust an ad blocking app whose developer is in bed with advertisers.

    Use 1Blocker instead. It's more effective and faster, whitelists The Deck (which is a perfectly reasonable ad network), and doesn't have any deals with advertisers like Google.
    They don't have deals with 3rd party (ie Google, Facebook, Bing) advertisers but don't they still do targeted ads?

    EDIT: Answered my own question. they do not. In fact they do no ad tracking analytics at all according to management. Well done from a consumer perspective.
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