Sorkin apologizes for remarks about Apple's Tim Cook, says both parties went too far



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    First he issues a non-apology with a qualifier... "I think that Tim Cook and I probably both went a little too far" then he admits to using and liking the very products he accused Apple of using poorly paid child labor to build.


    So he has a problem with how Apple builds their stuff but has no problem buying and using the products anyway? Typical liberal hypocrite d-bag.



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    radarthekatradarthekat Posts: 3,867moderator
    Trolls don't offend me like they used to. For two reasons. First, Apple is crushing Samsung, and Andriod in general, where it counts, in profitability and in share of that portion of the Smartphone market where Apple participates. Yay! And second, because each attack by a troll offers an opportunity for those of us who comprehend business, technology, and the way Apple operates to educate.
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    matrix07matrix07 Posts: 1,993member
    ireland wrote: »
    Fake controversy created by himself. He's literally arguing with himself publicly on the Internet.

    Well, I'd very much agree with this comment. This is self promotion for his film no doubt.
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    Originally Posted by woodycurmudgeon View Post


    Cook made a general comment about opportunism, Sorkin took that personally, and attacked cook personally, while injecting an ignorant accusation about slave labour or whatever nonsense that isn't even true (but that doesn't matter, because Sorkin made it personal).


    Sorkin essentially lost his damn mind, completely shit himself for the world to see, and then offered the most bullshit, strings-attached apology to have been made in recent memory. 


    NOW you can send the thread to Cook. 



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    dacloo wrote: »
    You sound like one of Apple's lawyers. Why are you defending a multinational, which is perfectly capable of handling itself? It's very childish.

    If I had a law degree, I'd love to have been Apple's lawyer.

    That aside, your post is inherently fraudulent and hypocritical: after all, the computer you used to belt out your vapid nonsense was produced by a mulinational. I'll take being childish over that any day (but I recognize your value system may be different).
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    timt999 wrote: »
    Sorkin, of course, surprises. This guy dug deep into the bio and by most accounts, put together a solid script.

    I'm not sure - just saw the new trailer, and it has a scene where Woz is yelling at Jobs that "the UI [for the Mac] was stolen!" this is of course the Xerox myth. properly debunked by the guys in the room here:,_Apple_and_Progress.txt
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    eriamjheriamjh Posts: 1,678member

    It's good to see Sorkin do the right thing.  His a big man for it.  


    As for Cook, he knew Jobs personally and Jobs was his friend.  He's a little biased about anything said about Steve.  He could just as easily apologize for the comment using the version that isn't really an apology.  "I'm sorry I offended you," and "I'm sorry what I said was taken in a negative manner."  It's like saying you're sorry someone is a jerk.  


    Or he could be honestly sorry about the statement and his reaction.   In the end, it doesn't matter.  I'm sure Cook will do the right thing if he has to do anything at all.

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    Forwarding this thread to [email protected] so Tim knows where he can come and get his dick endlessly sucked.

    You fanboys are pathetic.


    I know you've just outed yourself as a drity troll, but when you make ad hominem attacks against others it means you've lost the argument. it won't be tolerated.
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    mjtomlinmjtomlin Posts: 2,679member
    Originally Posted by blandersonsf View Post

    apple has been publicly called out for low wage child labor and only after being called out and receiving bad press did apple change its policies, create policies and enforce policies. 


    You do realize that ONLY Apple has been called out for this even though Apple is not the only company that is a client of Foxconn. Furthermore, Apple DID NOT change their policies afterwards, they've always had the same policies in place, Steve Jobs just never made it public as Tim Cook has done. Apple has been doing carbon footprint, supplier responsibility reports for YEARS, most never knew or heard of them because no one really gave a crap - that is until some moron decided to grab the spotlight and single out Apple regarding labor issues in China. Then Apple was forced to point out that they do audit suppliers and take the matter seriously.



    Originally Posted by blandersonsf View Post

    Apple also continues to do very little about memory capacity, ram, processor speeds until this very fall. Yet apple charges 700-1000% of the devices actual costs. That is why apple is sitting on over 150 billion in cash. Because its leaders are opportunistic.


    How do you know the costs of Apple's products? Apple invests a lot of money in manufacturing equipment and product development. More so than any other company they are willing to push the boundaries of manufacturing - this by the way is good for the entire industry as it brings initial costs down so that others can adopt these new methods and technologies.


    The sum of Apple's products are much, much more than the "costs of parts" as so many like to throw up on their blogs; software development, chip design, material sciences, manufacturing methods, equipment investments, etc.


    For these reasons Apple feels they can charge a premium and anyone who truly knows their products would feel it is money worth spent.




    If Apple was truly being "opportunistic" they wouldn't care about product development and just buy off the shelf parts. They wouldn't spend billions of dollars on solar farms, they'd just use what's available. They would waste their time auditing thousands of suppliers. Being opportunistic means taking advantage of the system that is already in place. Apple has proven time and time again that they are more than willing to make changes - and yet morons continue to overlook all they've done and return to a news article written a couple of years ago. 

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    Sorkin is like a huge pus-filled zit that partially exploded. There is still some left to squeeze out.
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    sirlance99 wrote: »

    And you've never in your entire life said anything rash before? It was a off the cuff irrational comment that ultimately should of not been said but was in an exaggerated sense. Relax a little.

    Of course I've been rash before. If I realize have been, I man up and apologize for it. Not call the other guy rash.
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    Tim said what he said because he knows SJ better than any director out there.
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    slurpyslurpy Posts: 5,385member

    What an ego-driven asshole. This is one of these "I'm sorry if you didn't like what I said" apologies, not a "I'm sorry, what I said was a complete lie", then going ahead and equivocating both sides, then pretending that he now expects an apology from Cook. This is the typical politician trash that cowards and petty little people use to puff themselves up, while trying to make the other person look bad. Cook of course won't bother responding, as he's way above this kind of trashy provocation.


    Sorkin is so desperate to get an "exchange" going between the two, in order to drum up more PR for his movie. It's why he jumped so viciously on such a benign comment by Cook- a comment that Cook didn't even volunteer, but was in response to a direct question on live TV. I guess the proper response should have been "These Steve Jobs movies are just so fucking amazing and accurate, I don't know what to say". 

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    solipsismy wrote: »
    I know where he went too far but where did Tim Cook go too far?
    Tim Cook said a dozen words, maybe he should have only said 11 /s
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    calicali Posts: 3,494member
    "Both went too far?"

    How in the f*** did Tim "go too far"????

    He didn't go anywhere. He didn't even mention names. This was all sorkin going nuts and losing his temper.

    Why can't he man up and take the blame? He has to include Tim in order to apologize?!!!
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    What's funny is: Tim Cook never mentioned him. This guys a complete narcissist I think Cook was speaking in the general sense. I mean how many documentaries are there on Steve Jobs now? They are cashing in on his name.
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    flaneurflaneur Posts: 4,526member
    Until Sorkin corrects his 17-cents-an-hour, child labor slander with real information about wages and worker policies at Foxconn, he hasn't apologized.

    He has to undo the damage.
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    Does anyone know who is Aaron Sorkin ? My highschool son knows who is Steve Jobs or Tim Cook but not this guy than why we even mentioning his name.
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    Certainly, Steve Jobs was controversial.

    FWIW, I met Steve Jobs about 5 times in the late 70' and 80s -- I would describe him as, er, headstrong and difficult.

    Steve would sometimes frequent our Sunnyvale store where my teenage daughter worked at the counter -- so she observed him more than I did.

    With the sublime acuity of a teenager, she described him: [I]"What an Asshole!"[/I]
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    s!ke wrote: »
    I wonder if Cook will also apologize. I think he should as well. But probably not. :( sigh

    Since Cook wasn't speaking directly about Sorkin's film there is no need for an apology to him. His comments were all encompassing of the garbage that has continued to spew out. October 5th is the 4th anniversary of Steve's death. We will most likely see a lot of additional material. The fact that Sorkin's film is releasing near this date does indeed seem a bit opportunistic. I don't think it's a coincidence.
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