Apple releases Xcode 7.0.1 with fixes for app thinning bugs

in Mac Software edited February 2020
Apple issued a minor update to Xcode on Monday, fixing several bugs related to the development suite's support for iOS 9 app thinning.

Release notes for the update -- version 7.0.1 -- don't go into further detail. Thinning minimizes the space apps consume by loading only the assets needed for a particular iOS device. The technology should be useful mostly for people who download universal apps, since iPad assets can be useless on an iPhone or iPod yet still consume large amounts of space.

On Sept. 24 Apple deactivated app slicing, a feature of app thinning, because of a problem with iCloud backups. Today's Xcode update could be related to that issue, though Apple has yet to announce the feature's return.

When the deactivation happened, Apple promised only that slicing would come back "with a future software update."

Developers can download Xcode 7.0.1 for free via the Mac App Store. The software requires at least OS X 10.10.4.


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    Having spent hours waiting for it to download, I am now seeing the same app available as an update, and also as already installed!


    Considering its size, I am loath to download it again.

    Anyone else get this issue in the Mac App Store?
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    I assume this is the issue that caused a restore of an iPhone 6 backup on a 6S to leave recently downloaded or updated apps in a "Waiting" state.

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    Hey guys this really boosted my mac performance, check this out!

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