This week on AppleInsider: 13 million iPhones, OS X El Capitan, Bell on board & more

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The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus continued to play an important part in this week's news -- and AppleInsider had a chance to review the devices -- but the Mac had a brief moment to shine with the launch of OS X El Capitan, and Apple made a rare addition to its board of directors.

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iPhone 6s, 6s Plus top 13 million units at launch

On Monday Apple announced that its latest smartphones sold over 13 million units in their first three days. That number smashed the 10 million units sold during the launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, thanks in part to a wider number of launch regions.

The company simultaneously revealed that the 6s line will ship to 40 more countries and territories on Oct. 9, such as Spain, Russia, and the Netherlands. By the end of the year, the phones should be in over 130 markets.

Apple, Samsung agree to mediate settlement terms

Marking another milestone in the winding-down of Android patent lawsuits, Apple and Samsung mutually agreed to enter mediation for the settlement terms of the first Apple v. Samsung case. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs infamously promised to go to "thermonuclear war" over Android, but his successor, Tim Cook, has gradually steered away from legal action.

Apple was granted $1.05 billion in damages in 2012. That amount was eventually whittled down to $548 million, something still contested by Samsung.

OS X El Capitan brings updated apps and search, speedy performance

After months of beta testing Apple officially released OS X El Capitan, a major upgrade of its Mac operating system. The download is free for people running Snow Leopard or later.

El Capitan makes improvements to core apps like Mail, Notes, and Safari, as well as system-wide features like Mission Control and Spotlight search. It's also promised to be faster, particularly thanks to support for Metal graphics technology.

Apple issues iOS 9.0.2, launches Apple Music & more in China

In a surprise move Apple pushed out yet another point release for iOS, its second since iOS 9 arrived just weeks ago. The newest update fixes problems with cellular data, iMessage activation, iCloud backup, the Podcasts app, and screen rotation.

Apple also used this week as an occasion to bring Apple Music, iTunes video, and the iBooks store to China. The first Chinese Apple Music trials began just as initial trials in other countries were coming to a close.

In-depth review: Apple's iPhone 6s & 6s Plus

AppleInsider's Daniel Eran Dilger had a chance to test both new iPhones, and found that the devices are enhanced in almost every area, such as cameras and processing power. They also have some unique tricks, namely 3D Touch and Live Photos.

The only major complaints were a lack of optical zoom, external lens, and weatherproofing options.

Former Boeing CFO James Bell joins Apple board

Bell spent 38 years in various roles at Boeing, and was praised by Apple CEO Tim Cook on Thursday for having "a wealth of global, financial and industrial experience." On top of Apple, he also sits on the boards of JP Morgan, Dow Chemical, and CDW.

Of special interest is that Bell is the first black member of Apple's board. The only other non-white member is Andrea Jung, who was also the board's first woman.

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