This week on AppleInsider: Steve Jobs tributes, iPhone & Watch launches, iOS security & more

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This week saw Apple honor Steve Jobs on the fourth anniversary of his death, and simultaneously make a series of small-scale product announcements, while putting out fires related to iPhone battery life and iOS security.

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Cook, Ive comment on anniversary of Jobs' death

As has become tradition, Apple CEO Tim Cook issued an internal memo, claiming that the world "lost a visionary" in 2011 who left a great legacy. He added that employees "share the privilege and responsibility of continuing the work Steve loved so much."

Apple's chief design officer, Jony Ive, took to the stage at a Vanity Fair event where he admitted to hitting a "wall of grief" after Jobs' death. He added however that now he hasn't felt as happy and creative in years, and that Jobs' philosophy is intact at the company.

Apple expands iPhone 6s, Apple Watch sales

On Monday the company launched Herm?s models of the Apple Watch, costing $1,100 or more apiece. The bigger news though was the expansion of iPhone 6s sales to 46 more countries over the weekend.

Apple also began selling SIM-free phones, and quietly slipped plans for further Watch and iPhone rollouts during October.

Apple buys machine learning firm Perceptio

In buying the startup, Apple picked up not only the company's technology but its two co-founders, Nicolas Pinto and Zak Stone. Apple confirmed the purchase, while dodging an explanation of motivations.

Perceptio previously focused on applying "deep learning" AI to image classification however, specifically in a way that doesn't depend on cloud servers.

First glimpse at new 'Magic' accessories, Apple Pay plans

While it's still too early for much news of next-generation flagship products, code in an OS X 10.11.1 beta revealed several new Mac accessories, including not just a new Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad, but a Magic Keyboard. It's not clear what features the Keyboard might have, but the three products could have bullet points like Force Touch and/or integrated batteries.

On Thursday Apple announced that Starbucks, KFC, and Chili's will get Apple Pay in 2016. Pilot programs are planned to roll out later this year.

Apple says battery life gap only 2-3 percent in TSMC, Samsung A9 chips

Responding to a collection of reports to the contrary, Apple issued a statement denying any major differences in battery life between iPhone 6s units using TSMC-made A9 chips versus chips manufactured by Samsung. Some tests and anecdotes had suggested the gap could be as large as two hours.

A representative said that the gap is no more than 2 to 3 percent, and that benchmark tests are "unrealistic" since they max out CPU usage until a battery dies.

Apple pulls some iOS content blockers, dismisses YiSpecter threat

Raising growing concern about iOS security, Apple on Thursday confirmed the removal of several iOS content blockers from the App Store. The targeted apps installed root certificates that could allow monitoring of network traffic.

The company separately downplayed worries about malware known as YiSpecter, noting that any vulnerabilities were patched in iOS 8.4.

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    I love the pauses. One of the most insightful things when watching true genius is the efficiency and effectiveness with which someone is able to communicate, and the ability to select in the shortest interstice of time, both what is most accurate in terms of hitting the nail on the head when answering a direct question, and what is most appropriate for the audience and the occasion. In this, Jobs is truly inspiring. If you go back and note every significant pause throughout this interview, you will find, I am certain, that the value of what Jobs has to convey is wonderful. The efficiency of precision with which he adjusts his answers to fit within the compass of each question while conveying the meaning he intends is astonishing. In short, as he says, it is "a matter of taste."
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    Just watched it at in GREAT HD Quality! Enjoy
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