Apple likely free of e-book antitrust monitor after 'rocky' two-year term [u]



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    jungmark wrote: »
    DOJ didn't mention its take from this sham.

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    Now, after 2 years of DOJ successfully creating the Amazon monopoly, their agent is no longer required.

    His next job -- legal department of Amazon. For the DOJ lawyers involved -- law firms on Amazon's payroll.
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    And how about a federal investigation of judge Cote and Bromwich for what is the most blatant case of collusion, bribery, extortion and nepotism in recent years? Disgraceful.

    I think Cote is a lousy judge who has it in for Apple and Bromwich seems have shown blatant anti-Apple bias and a penchant for running up the fees as high as Cote could possibly allow them to go. But your accusation of "collusion, bribery, extortion and nepotism" is unfounded and to quote you, is "DISGRACEFUL." Your comment is incredibly inappropriate and of the type that makes a case for the kind of libel and slander laws enacted in EU.

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    Perhaps you would care to explain how any of the activity between Cote and Bromwich meets the legal definition of corruption. Would you feel the same if it were Samsung or LG instead of Apple? I think not.

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    z8o1z8o1 Posts: 10member
    Retiring after 45 years honorably practicing law, I can confirm that I witnessed many judge-invoked scams like this one, where a political or social buddy of a judge expresses a slanted prejudice against a party to a lawsuit, has the judge's ear on how the judge should decide the case, and is then rewarded by an appointment by the court to bully the party against whom he/she has already expressed prejudice. And typically that appointed person is working to overcome a bad case of low self-esteem by being a bully, exalted in his/her new position of power. It's disgusting.
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