Samsung rushes out rose gold Galaxy to meet South Korea's iPhone 6s launch



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    I think samsung had a Note 3 "rose gold" edition long time ago. The name is not new... also the note 4 came out in pink too. Not sure what the big deal is. These names are not new..
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    cali wrote: »
    Anyone who lived in 2007 knows iPhone was criticized for being "too big" in a time when phones kept getting smaller and smaller.

    At this time media and people talked about how phones will soon be the size of a domino and smaller. This was made fun of in comedy skits and the movie Zoolander.

    Phone manufacturers were making them more compact. It was quite the engineering goal and achievement for them.

    Around 2001 I had a friend who used a tiny non-flip phone. It was quite the bragging piece for her and we'd often gather around that little thing and discuss how small phones would be in the future. I don't remember the brand or model but it was about the size of 3 dominos side by side.

    Old fashioned cell phones could get smaller because all they really needed to have was a speaker and a microphone. It was unacceptable to carry a bulky device if all you did was make phone calls and maybe send a text message once in a while.

    But once the LCD screen became the primary feature of a smartphone... and you started DOING things on your phone like browsing the web, taking photos and videos, watching movies, typing text with on-screen keyboards.... bigger screens naturally were the way to go. Then it was absolutely acceptable to have a large(r) device.

    Zoolander had a comical look at the future of cell phones in 2001. And we may have gotten there if your phone didn't evolve into such a multi-purpose machine.

    Derek Zoolander would be very unhappy checking his Twitter feed on a phone with a 0.5" screen today.

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    jbdragon wrote: »
    How can Apple Copy Samscum with a larger phone?  Samsung wasn't first.  Did you forget the Apple Newton, Out long before the first iPhone.  It was larger in size.   A larger phone, So what!  Guess what, When the first iPhone came out with the 3.5" screen, THAT was a large screen phone at the time back then!!!  So if anything you can all that the first Phablet.  Samsung and others just went larger after that.  Apple was still first.  You really don't know your history.

    Let not forget the long list of Samsung Releases right after Apple does something.  Just some of the recent stuff,  With Siri, then S-Voice, iCLoud then scloud.  Apple Pay, then Samsung Pay, Apple Passbook,  Samsung sBook or whatever they called it.  Not only pretty much copying the name, but they almost look the same.  TouchID, there's Samsung After, and what do you know, the same Fingerprint on the screen filling out, just like Apple that did it first that way.  

    Here's 3 pages of stuff.  REAL COPYING from Samscum!!!!  It's not even complete.

    It really is just sad.  Was a zero idea company.  I'm 100% sure, 3D touch will be coming to the Samscum S7.  Of course it'll be a Gimmick as it would only be supported in TouchWiz, and not a part of Android, and so very little 3rd party support.   It's like the weak dual App on screen Multi tasking.  It's a Samscum only feature, not a part of Android and so very little support, unlike on iOS.  You fandroids really have some weak examples of Apple copying.   
    I don't know if this site is for general consumers willing to look information or just for Apple fans. I visit rarely to this kind of websites and really feel the heat of biasness in terms news and comments. You are defending Apple when someone accuses it of having larger screen but you accuse Samsung for adopting this color when they have been using the same color since 2-3 models in the past.
    As a consumer I don't care who copied who and how much one earns.
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    I was here to see some review of iPhone 6S for my dad he wants to upgrade from iPhone 5, but any article I see here is full of biasness everywhere. Seems like I should head some other site for the review. But still, I know some people here give excellent suggestions. Important attribute for his purchase: Camera, Display Aesthetics. My dad was saying that one of his friend wes directly connecting pendrive on his device via a cable connecting to the charging port though he was sure if it was iPhone or not. How can we do that on iPhones, it's a really useful feature. My dad doesn't like to use computers much so it would be much like a stand alone device. Any suggestions, but plz suggest in terms of me being a consumer, I am not a fan of any brand.
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