AppleInsider podcast debates Force Touch, details new iMacs, analyzes Elon Musk on 'Apple Car'

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On this week's all-new AppleInsider podcast, Nate, Mikey, Dan and Neil talk about Apple's iMac refresh, debate the merits of Force and 3D Touch, and talk about Elon Musk's comments on Apple and the prospects of an car from the iPhone maker. We also dismiss iPhone 6s "chipgate," talk about successful Mac adoption at IBM, and give our thoughts on Microsoft's Surface Book and Band 2.

AppleInsider staff members Nate Hanson, Daniel Eran Dilger, Mikey Campbell, and Neil Hughes discuss these top stories:
  • New 21.5-inch 4K Retina iMac launches, 27-inch models gain Intel Skylake
  • New accessories: Magic Trackpad 2 with Force Touch, Magic Mouse 2, Magic Keyboards
  • The usefulness and future of 3D Touch and Force Touch
  • Elon Musk pooh-poohs an Apple car, backtracks, then tweets at AppleInsider
  • Apple touts new ResearchKit partnerships studying autism, epilepsy, melanoma
  • Non-controversies: iPhone 6s "chipgate," iOS 9 Wi-Fi assist and data use
  • Microsoft sells out of initial Surface Book launch. Also, Band 2 is coming
  • IBM says 5% of its Mac users need tech support, compared to 40% for regular PCs
  • Remembering Gary Allen, Apple retail expert and former AppleInsider contributor
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    xsmixsmi Posts: 138member
    Is there any way you guys can compress your voices so the volume differences weren't so drastic? I listen to you guys in my car and find myself adjusting the volume quite a it depending. On who's talking. Keep up the good work. And I am one of those people who click the ads because I thought that was your revenue stream, not just eyes on the adds.
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    schlackschlack Posts: 714member
    good call. normalizing volumes would be great.
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    calicali Posts: 3,494member
    If you guys have access to Waves Vocal Rider, works wonders for evening out volume.
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    sphericspheric Posts: 2,477member

    Originally Posted by schlack View Post

    good call. normalizing volumes would be great.

    Normalizing doesn't do anything except pull the maximum volume up to -0.0dB. 


    You do not want to do any loudness balancing based upon dB metering. A shrill voice may sound vastly more annoying and louder at -18 dB than a smooth, round voice at -8 dB. 


    You can rein in the volume fluctuations for a single speaker by using a dynamic compressor, but you do need to balance the individual speakers' volumes by ear. 

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    Why do you guys think the hyper loop "isn't real"? It seems like a lot of engineers, and even universities, think it's a feasible idea.

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    Originally Posted by LighteningKid View Post


    Why do you guys think the hyper loop "isn't real"? It seems like a lot of engineers, and even universities, think it's a feasible idea.

    Investor Jason Calacanis put a chunk of money into Hyperloop Technologies company, started by an ex-Tesla engineer. He believes its biggest benefit will be for shipping. Like a high-speed train under the ocean, which makes a lot of sense since it takes weeks for cargo container shipping currently between China and the US (for example).

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    Regarding Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt having a coffee together. I recall that event. This happened at a sidewalk cafe in Palo Alto on University Avenue. Someone was walking by and caught a snippet of the conversation:


    Schmidt: Now, a clever man would put the poison into his own drink...

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    For some reason episode 38 doesn't play for me on overcast, I had to listen to it on the podcast app.
    I liked this episode, I like Nate.

    Something I've wanted for a while and have never asked for is to have a brief introduction or presentation of the people who are regularly involved in the podcast, something like a background on Neil, Viktor, Mike. Nate is a new character that we don't really know much about either.
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