Piper Jaffray rates Apple stock its top pick for remainder of 2015 with $172 target



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    Originally Posted by sog35 View Post



    You are so wrong.  


    Any chance that Apple goes private will boost the stock big time.  I explained many times before that going private is possible with shareholder approval to convert public shares to private shares held in a trust. In that case there would be no need for any group of investors to come up with $400 billion in cash.

    You explained many times a pipe dream that is highly dubious economically, questionable legally, logistically absurd, and in any case, would never happen.  


    "Any chance that Apple goes priv...." they won't, end of.  Getting tedious to hear this same crackball theory of yours many times.  It's not getting any realer.

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    Originally Posted by sog35 View Post


    heres another source that says 5 weeks also




    "As earnings season approaches, U.S. companies are required to refrain from discretionary buybacks during a so-called blackout period that lasts from about five weeks before their respective earnings reports to about 48 hours after earnings are reported, notes Amanda Sneider, portfolio strategist at Goldman Sachs"


    Here's a 3rd source.  Not the article is dated March 24th 




    "The majority of companies just entered the buyback blackout period leading into the 1Q 2015 reporting season," Goldman's Sneider said. In other words, these companies will not be making any major announcements until they release their quarterly earnings reports sometime in mid-May.


    Note Goldman said this on March 24th.  Meaning if they are about to enter the blackout period then the period would last about 5 weeks since earnings does not come out till early May.

    Oh, c'mon. Your so-called "another source" is exactly the same one as the one quoted in the Bloomberg report you cited before: the Goldman Sachs lady. Read your own darned links!


    If you wish to trust a GS "portfolio strategist" over a white-shoe corporate law firm making a presentation at the Harvard Law School forum over a matter of corporate law, knock yourself out. But please don't peddle that snake-oil here just because you saw some analyst saying something that's cited by a couple of news reports.


    I tried to give you a credible source. Use it, or don't.

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    Originally Posted by sog35 View Post


    Good luck on your options.  I've bought/sold call options before but it just isn't my thing.  I'm more of a long term investors with a 2-5 year window.


    Due to the flawed ignore feature on here I still see your posts when quoted...


    You care way too much about the day-to-day and week-to-week to be able to sit long on anything you are personally attached to.  You're seriously going to give yourself a heart attack if you keep this up.  No joke, no dig, no malice, I'm actually concerned for you.

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    sog35 wrote: »

    Your source has nothing and says nothing.  Give me a quote on your sources that says the blackout period is 10 days.  

    You do appear to have a problem making some basic connections. I'll try once more.

    The customary blackout period for insider sells and buys is typically [–10, +2]. The Harvard Law article clearly says that, to avoid the appearance of insider trading from share buybacks surrounding earnings announcements, companies should observe a similar blackout period for buybacks.

    Is the connection to my point really so difficult to comprehend? (And no, I am not going to give you cites for what customary blackout periods for insider trades are; you can look it up).

    If you can't see this, you're on your own. But like I said, believe what you want, knock yourself out! It's a free country.

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    Originally Posted by sog35 View Post


    WRONG.  I've shown proof that going private is possible using a trust.  I've proven that there still could be millions of shareholders when Apple is private if those shares are held in a trust.


    Don't blame that you can't think outside the box and only believe something can happen if it happenned before.

    That's not the reason it can't happen.  It can't happen for logistical reasons that will run foul of economic and legal rules.  Plus, there's no reason or appetite for it, since the benefits you claim are highly uncertain, and the costs potentially huge.  It will not happen.  Pointless to discuss any further.

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    Originally Posted by sog35 View Post


    If the benefits out weigh the costs it could happen.

    They don't.


    Originally Posted by sog35 View Post


    If enough shareholders are sick and tired of Wall Street manipulation it can happen. 

    There aren't.


    Originally Posted by sog35 View Post


    There is nothing legally or financially that could stop Apple going private as long as shareholder okay the deal.

    There is.



    Originally Posted by sog35 View Post


    But that's not even my point.  My point is even the REMOTE THREAT of going public would be a powerful tool that Mr Cook could use to lessen the manipulation of AAPL

    It wouldn't.


    There, I've given exactly as much insight and logical reasoning as you have.  Insisting something is true doesn't make it true.  And your plan of setting up a trust is a logistical nonsense.  Apple cannot just "set up a trust" that includes international shareholders across institutions, individuals and other entities.  Even if they had the mechanism to do such a thing, Apple's executive team facilitating such an action would probably be illegal.


    Everything you say is a truckful of speculation, with no substance.  And it won't happen.  So please, just shut up about it.  Write to Tim Cook with your amazing suggestion if you want, no one else cares.

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    Ah screw it, I'm just going to stick you on ignore, your factoids and guesstimates are too annoying.

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