Apple's Tim Cook to join group of corporate leaders tackling Chinese environmental problems

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Apple CEO Tim Cook is joining the CEO Council for Sustainable Urbanization, a group formed by the Paulson Institute and the China Center for International Economic Exchanges in order to divert the environmental impact of China's urban growth.

"Apple is committed to running our global operations on 100 percent renewable energy and we're working hard to reduce emissions throughout our global supply chain," Cook said in prepared statement from the Paulson Institute. "We look forward to participating in the CEO Council's effort to advance China's green transformation and hope to do our part in helping China reach its climate goals."

The Council is manned by 17 corporate leaders from China and the U.S. Apart from Cook, some other prominent figures include Alibaba chairman Jack Ma Yun, Dow Chemical head Andrew Liveris, and Virginia Rometty, in charge of Apple partner IBM.

The group's mission statement calls for impact through "innovative corporate environmental practices, direct actions by companies and governments, and support for effective government policies." Its second annual meeting is due to be held Oct. 22 in Beijing, where the agenda will surround scaling "clean" technologies in face of things like the government's long-awaited targets for lower carbon emissions.

While Apple has touted that all of its datacenters and operations buildings run on environmentally-friendly power, its Chinese suppliers are still dependent on coal, which is not only non-renewable but contributes to global warming and local air pollution. Foxconn, for instance, is only just beginning serious efforts to adopt solar power.


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    xixoxixo Posts: 449member
    solution: [B]move production to Malaysia[/B]

    problem solved!

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    Originally Posted by xixo View Post

    solution: move production to Malaysia

    problem solved!


    Or move production to Africa.


    That way parents could say to their children "There are children in Africa who made your iPhone who don't even have an iPhone."



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    I read something (National Geographic, or an environmental journal), about a decade ago detailing the way that China complained how Western companies were polluting China's environment. The article went on to state how China has environmental laws but flouts them in the name of rising economy; and those companies are owned and run by chinese. 
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    Simple, Apple has to own up to some of the problem because they want Foxconn to keep costs low and that's what's gonna happen.  Typical liberals complaining about environment problems yet continues to exploit cheap labor in other countries.

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