Facebook begins rolling out Instant Articles to all iPhone app users

in iPhone edited October 2015
Facebook officially launched its Instant Article platform on Tuesday, initially making it available exclusively to users of the company's iPhone app, and with a relatively small number of American publishers on board.

Instant Articles have technically been available since May, but Facebook said that until today this was actually a beta test with a select group of users. The content should now be visible to all iPhone owners.

The first ensemble of U.S. publishers includes the likes of BuzzFeed, NBC, The Atlantic, The Huffington Post, and the New York Times, for a total of 14. In "coming weeks," Facebook added, dozens more will come on board, some examples being CBS, Gannett, The Onion, Mashable, Rolling Stone, and USA Today.

Unlike most links shared on Facebook, Instant Articles are actually hosted on Facebook servers, and should load as much as 10 times faster. The material is identified by a lightning bolt icon.

To make them more attractive, Facebook has also allowed publishers to implement new visual and interactive touches. NBC News articles, for instance, may feature videos that autoplay as a user scrolls, while BuzzFeed pieces support liking and commenting on individual photos and videos. National Geographic stories have geotagged images with interactive maps.

Publishers can sell their own ads and keeping all of that revenue, but can also rely on the Facebook Audience Network if there's any unfilled space.

Android support is entering beta today, and should go wide later in 2015.


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    Next level in Facebook controlling the net entirely: unlocked.
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    Does that drive background usage even higher now?
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    How about if Facebook fixes their bugs instead. I crash on launch within 5 seconds. Been this way for several months. I filed a bug report, to no avail. Deleted & reinstalled. Plenty of space on my phone. So bad...

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    Heh, I just tossed the app and I'm not planning to install it again anywhere.
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    mobiusmobius Posts: 378member
    Heh, I just tossed the app and I'm not planning to install it again anywhere.

    Me too. I've been FB clean for 3 weeks now. I feel refreshed, calmer with clearer thoughts. I can honesty say ditching FB is the best thing I have done for a long time - it's possibly a life changer for me. I was constantly craving that red notification dopamine fix. It's not healthy.
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    boredumbboredumb Posts: 1,418member

    For a moment, I thought this explained why Messenger suddenly appeared on my iPhone6...

    Then I remembered I don't have Facebook on it...

    Free songs I can accept.  Anything to do with Facebook auto d/l'ing to my phone?  Ugh...

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    shogunshogun Posts: 362member
    Perhaps this is a good time to mention what a disappointment Apple News is. Is it supposed to be learning what I like? I can't tell. But there's so much garbage. I'm wishing I could swipe left swipe right a la Tinder to teach it what articles I like and which I don't. It's not enough to pick publishers. Even within a magazine or newspaper there are the things I read and things I don't.
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