Apple Store employee accused of stealing nearly $1M in gift cards



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    Funny thing is he was supposedly in college majoring in criminal justice.


    He could have been studying ways of not getting caught. It obviously didn't work.
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    tzeshantzeshan Posts: 2,351member

    Another example is WalMart. In a store, there are about twenty check out registers.  Only three or four are open.  There are at least three customers waiting in each line.  

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    i recall a study once that said that something like 75-80% of all retail theft is internal or internally assisted. This guy isn't the first and he probably won't be the last. There have been 3-4 reported gangs pulling crap like not actually swiping credit cards for Beats etc and letting friends walk out with them. or faking paperwork and letting friends walk out with service parts. and so on

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    Originally Posted by LMGS View Post

    "I think when the nation is reaching full employment, the quality of new hires lowers correspondingly."

    Right.............. 92 million out of work... Lowest point in 35 years...

     You clearly don't read your own articles.

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