Misfit's Shine 2 packs vibration motor, upgraded internals, more into thinner design

in iPhone edited October 2015
Misfit on Tuesday introduced the Misfit Shine 2, the second generation of its flagship activity tracker, packing hardware upgrades, a vibration motor and more into a sleek, more responsive design.

The new Shine 2 Fitness and Sleep Monitor includes several internal upgrades, including new multi-color LEDs and animations, to offer users increased functionality in a body smaller than the original. While the overarching coin-style design philosophy remains the same, the device chassis is 8mm thick, tapering down to 3.3mm at its edge; small enough to mount practically anywhere on your body.

"We've packed a lot into Shine 2, adding more functionality into an even smaller form factor with the same battery life," said Adam Mack, Misfit's Director of Mechanical Design. "We didn't compromise on craftsmanship or the user experience."

Without a screen, users rely on Shine 2's 12 LEDs for time readouts, exercise progress, notifications and alerts. An all-new vibration motor alerts users to incoming calls and texts, and can be configured to perform Apple Watch-like movement reminders for keeping active throughout the day.

Powering the Shine 2 is a new 3-axis accelerometer and magnetometer which, combined with onboard capacitive sensors, improves touch responsiveness and movement tracking accuracy. Unlike Apple Watch, Shine 2 is meant to be an all-day wearable, meaning it's capable of monitoring and informing users of nightly sleep patterns. The vibration motor can also serve as a silent alarm, much like Fitbit products.

Bluetooth 4.1 comes standard for faster, more efficient syncing, squeezing 6 months of battery life out of the included coin cell battery. Also like the first-generation model, and subsequent entry-level releases, Shine 2 is rated water resistant up to 50 meters and can log water sports activities.

The Shine 2 will work with Misfit's iOS app and supports the Misfit Link app. Misfit Link allows users to employ the Shine 2 as a remote to control connected home devices, music selection, or to trigger the iPhone's shutter for selfies.

Misfit Shine 2 comes in Rose Gold and Carbon Black, and is available now from Misfit's website. The device, along with an assortment of accessories, will be available at retail locations worldwide in November.


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    In other important news.....Y-A-W-N.....I forgot.
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    shogunshogun Posts: 362member
    This is beautiful. I like the sleekness, I like the color. Really like the round. $99 sounds great, and 6 months battery too. I can definitely live without a screen, which I didn't realize until seeing the video on their site.

    Only, the killer-est app for wrist is initiating/answering calls and initiating/answering texts.

    This device does neither.

    I like that it tracks sleep. Waterproof is also great. But without the calls/texts thing it doesn't make a ton of sense to me.
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    rogifanrogifan Posts: 10,669member
    Good god that is fugly, looks like some cheap POS you'd find at Walmart.
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    vmarksvmarks Posts: 762editor
    Take a look at the Link app and the things it can do.

    You can use it as a music remote, powerpoint iOS app remote, selfie button for the camera, control Misfit Bolt lightbulbs, and make it launch IFTTT recipes.

    So no, it won't answer calls. If that's your need, look to Pebble, Meta, Apple, Fitbit, or others. If you want something that does a lot of other things, maybe this one is it.
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    vmarksvmarks Posts: 762editor

    Originally Posted by Rogifan View Post

    Good god that is fugly, looks like some cheap POS you'd find at Walmart.

    The press photos don't really show it in normal use. The LEDs are never on unless you tap it to see step count during the day.


    It's a lot better as the black or gold disc.

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